Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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By: Aron Neelie

The Real Power Of Prayer?!!

Here’s a phrase many find themselves saying and/or hearing. “Say a prayer for so-and-so, won’t you” or “I’ll say a prayer for you/her/them”.. Although it is a common phrase and thought, it doesn’t seem to be said lightly or without commitment. It is a phrase which carries meaning and weight. Everyone who prays, knows the real power of prayer

Throughout time prayers have been the means of communication with God. We say them at any time. We teach our children to say them before mealtime and bedtime. We share them with our congregation. We cry out the words in pain and sometimes whisper them in silence.
The Real Power of Prayer senior citizens magazine
But we mostly say them privately. And we mostly say them somewhat out loud so that our words may certainly and clearly reach God. Plus it is written that there is power in the word, so maybe there’s more power if we speak them clearer and a loud and possibly even together.
So, when the infamous, Miss Aretha sang, “say a little prayer for you”, she may have already known what many what studied, and that is, the real power of prayer. The power of the knowledge that you have just had a one-to-one moment with God and that you are participating in your own well being. The power that you have “done something” about whatever it is that is ailing you or another. The power that we have the power to do something, to say something, to help.
So, now, as in times past, some are still wondering the question. And the big question for many is, does prayer really help? Well, they have found the big answer. And the answer is, Yes. Prayer does help. According to two different studies, one in 1988 and one released in 1999, the answer to that question was studied. And the most recent study was recognized and published in 1999. Amazingly enough, the latter study found that you didn’t even need to know that you were being prayed for. It proved that Prayer does work and is effective and good and aids in your healing and medical treatment with or without your being knowledgeable of the prayers. And in some way, isn’t it almost a relief to know that someone else can summons God when we haven’t the strength or power or the knowledge to do it ourselves. It’s like having God’s messengers and helpers there in our time of need.
The first study in 1988 involved 400 cardiac patients and the latter in 1999 involved almost 1000. In the latter study, in Kansas City at St. Luke’s Hospital, the Doctor didn’t tell the patients nor did the Doctor’s know which patients were being prayed for. The patients were randomly chosen by using the patient’s odd and even numbered administration numbers as for who would be prayed for and who wouldn’t. The admitting persons were not knowledgeable of this process, they merely assigned numbers. Then a group of Christians were given first names only and asked to pray for “a speedy recovery with no complications”. The Christian group was comprised of five people who believed in Prayer and healing. They prayed for 4 weeks for the cardiac patients.
The patients were “scored” by the Doctors using an appropriate and effective numbering system. The results were such that 466 patients had a markedly better outcome than the 524 who weren’t prayed for. This type of testing and conclusion is often done with new drugs. And when the results are this conclusive with drug testing, the drug is heralded. But because this study had to do with prayer, and in the scientific community there is talk of prayer equated with the “paranormal”, there is still some skepticism. For those who wanted and needed cold, hard facts, a control group and a conclusion, such as is done in other ‘drug studies’, this latest study gives many answers. The main answer being, yes, there is power in prayer. So, say a little prayer for whomever, it’s now been proven that it will work, even if the recipient is unaware of your good deed.
It is a fact that people who believe in religion and in God(s), heal faster. The brain is capable of many things, and attitude and help-in-healing is absolutely one of them. Believing in God and Prayer and Healing comes from the heart, soul, lifestyle, attitude, thoughts, sense of reason, belief, etc. But there is no denying that religious people, no matter what religion, heal faster, an have better attitudes and coping mechanisms than those who have no God, or who do not believe in God.

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