Monday, December 5, 2022

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M Dear Reader,

Welcome dear reader to this side of sn uncertain, meta modern world.

We have done well to survive such a pandemic and now slammed into a 1918 film with the invasion of Russia into the Ukraine, with no petroleum resources.

Old school, in the midst of the revolution of the world’s data, finance system, agriculture and sustainability, we are smack into blockchain.

It’s a different world and we are at the beginning.  The powers in charge have decided to speed it all along and insure the new beginnings of the revolution, from autonomous cars to quantum finance, we are here for you.

Even though all of this is happening and we are living digitally in finance, nfts, alt coins, and yachtboard n monkeys, we have once again, with pleasure, published an edition, just for you!

This month we celebrate Thankfulness.

We, at Finally! Magazine want to say, we did it! We made it! And we all did it together! And here we are all together for another season and another issue filled with thoughts and contemplation and life…

We are proud to write and gather these articles for you, dear reader, as you continue to read us, each and every month, recognising how you add to who we are, as we add to who you are.

Have great thoughts. Have greater actions. Help your neighbor and community.

From all of us, to all of you, be safe, stay safe and do what you can to help others and vote to help your country, when that opportunity arrises.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the read!


Your Editor-In-Chief

Norman Goodman