Saturday, January 22, 2022

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M Dear Reader,

Most of the world is now vaccinated, and here we go into a new year with a new variant.

This month we celebrate religion, one another, family, feasting, the art of giving and one’s self.

Although, I must say, it is rather interesting that as a species, we move forward, try to regain normalcy, and have a need to be united.

So let’s bring back family, love and community and try to see life from a little different angle.

We, at Finally! Magazine want to say, we did it! We made it! And we all did it together! And here we are all together for another holiday season.

We care. We care about the now and all we can do in our now, and we gladly share it with you, our reader.

We are proud to gather these articles for you, dear reader, as you continue to read us, each and every month, recognising how you add to who we are, as we add to who you are.

So, as always, I wish you good reading, and good thinking, and good health, and good holidays, cover to cover.

Have great thoughts. Have greater actions. Help your neighbor and community.

From all of us, to all of you, be safe, stay safe and do what you can to help others and vote to help your country.

Happy New Year!

Enjoy the read!


Your Editor-In-Chief

Norman Goodman