Thursday, March 23, 2023

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My Dear Reader,

It’s that month, that wonderful month whereby Hollywood celebrates all that was made and audience worthy.

It’s a month filled with love for the Irish, green, and trying to admit that we made it through to the other side of the pandemic.

It’s a time, it’s been a time, and it feels far more like an age. We’ve looked at ourselves, into ourselves and have spent alot of time by ourselves… yet as spring begins to arrive, we feel a bit of hope, a bit of rejuvenation, and a wee bit Irish!

Thank you for joining us, today and every month. We are here for you, about you and with you.

And the real Oscar winner is you!

Enjoy the read!

Your Editor-In-Chief,
Norman Goodman

P.S. Had to leave this poem live on my page…just because…

Love is Love

No matter who you love, love is love.

No matter husband, wife, partner, or child, love is love.

Not the actions or the expectations, but the warm heartfelt love

Not the obligations or pride, but the warm heartfelt love.

A filling of one’s emptiness, as love is love

A filling of one’s resilience, as love is love.

The joy found in the simplest of thoughts

The joy experienced in moments

Yet last a lifetime

Love is love