Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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By:  MsMobileConverg

London!  Possibly the greatest city on any island!Filled with everything you could possibly want or imagine wanting and then some!  Art, culture, tourism, order, wonderful restaurants, wonderful people, fantastic architecture, a multitude of places of interest, museums, fresh art galleries…the list is practically endless.

When speaking of London, one may not know where to begin.  So let’s begin at the beginning, one’s stay in London.  At the hotel.

There are a great many hotels in London and the city is filled with public transportation and taxis.  The hotels are everywhere and have a variety of price ranges, views and locations.  Some of the hotels, are of course very popular chains as everyone seems to have purchased everyone else’s chain thereby homogenizing most of hotel experience, but nevertheless, they are clean with clean linens and truth be told, some of the kindest and gentile staff servers available.  Go online, view the hotels, view their photos, and view them on the map so that you will be centrally located to all of the incredible places London has to offer. From Heathrow to Burberry, hotels are everywhere.

Public transportation is brilliant in London.  The double-decker busses are a great way to see the city and to video and capture the sites from the top of the bus!  Busses run everywhere, every minute and travel in every different direction, almost, at times reminiscent of a Key Stone Cop movie.  Best of all, everyone on the public transportation is friendly and will answer any directional questions you my have.  The busses are a fabulous way to first view the sites and then decide where you want to visit.  If you accidentally board the wrong bus, simply deboard and find the right one, seriously, busses and their stops are literally, everywhere.  Tickets are easy to come by; either single destination or the best pass for tourists is the all day pass.  The all day, anywhere pass can be purchased at local tiny convenience marts and they allow you to board and deboard any bus at anytime and anywhere.  Fabulous idea!  And every type of person rides public transportation, from high level executives to mums with nursing children.  Now, when in London, be polite, and chivalrous, everyone is, so be prepared to offer your seat to those who need it, and if you see someone needing assistance, please aide them.  The people who ride public transportation are smashing, considerate, well-intentioned and amicable.

Now, where to go while in London is the most personal of personal experiences.  London literally has
everything, from seedy pubs to high tower wine bars, from museums filled with cadavers to museums filled with ancient artifacts, from junky five and dimes to Burberry haute couture.  The museums, believe it or not are free and donations are not actively solicited, but in the politest of fashion you may donate what you feel is appropriate.  The museums have tours, lectures, live lectures, taped lectures, elevators, escalators, and even tiny, basic gift shops.  The music scene in London is outrageous, from tiny, intimate dives to classical lawn concerts, to larger concert venues; it all exists right in the heart of London; alternative to classical.  Just ask your concierge and of course, ask the locals, they’ll know the best top hot spots!  Anything is possible in London, anything.

In order to “do anything” you will need their currency.  When you deplane, you may purchase money, by exchanging your money and when you leave, you may also purchase and exchange money anywhere within the terminal.

London’s terminal at Heathrow is a miniature city.  Period.  Exclamation point.  Be certain to allow yourself the modern, two hour window timeframe.  Going in and out of customs is truly daunting if you’ve never done it before.  You stand in line after line, albeit orderly, but the authorities ask many questions, “why you are there, how long are you staying, what have you purchased, take off your shoes, open your handbag…” and for God’s sake, don’t bring any contraband, adorable hounds are abundant!

London is truly the most brilliant city!  From it’s modern culture and modern art movements to its ancient ruins just outside of the city.  It has everything you could possibly imagine for the most perfect of modern experiences.

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