Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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The “baby boomers” generation may be mainly written as 1946 – 1964, but socially and culturally, this generation is actually 1946 – 1960 as they had their own cold war and its own beginnings as the consumer generation from 1946 – 1960. They were the duck-n-cover gang, the “I want” generation, the post WWII housing owners. They had Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Stones, the Beatles, Motown, etc. Generation X didn’t have duck-n-cover by the time they started school and had only heard of Robert Kennedy upon his death.

The “baby boomer” generation is aligned with the happenings of society, government, and world happenings, to which the baby boomer generation absolutely had a vastly different beginning than the WWII generation and massive impact on history with free-love and the “sexual revolution”. By the time Gen X was born, it was all about loving the one you’re with.

The original consumer generation is the baby boomer generation. The first for plastic toys made en masse, mass produced peddle-cars and more candybars than any proceeding generation.

They’ve had the ability to attend college, protest with meaning on college campuses and sway to beat of Dylan whilst reading beat literature, fighting for civil rights, dancing in streets, and changing literature and its personal questioning of the world and business.