Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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“senior citizen” age is a common question. When we think of a senior citizen, we think of an elder; doddering, forgetful, cranky, but as we age, we realize a senior citizens age is being redefined. Today’s senior, defined by the government is 65, but because of senior housing and certain senior citizens discounts at restaurants and hotels, etc. a senior citizens age is 55.

When a senior citizen age comes into light, we currently think, hey, that’s almost me or that’s me! We most definitely do not look at ourselves elderly, nor do we act like an elder, and we are proud of our new found look and our newly found longevity.

Aging graciously and gracefully is an enormous aspect of our generations; from Baby Boomers 1946-1960, to Generation X 1960 – late 70’s (the 80’s societally ushered in a new government and a new set of global issues which is what tends to truly define a generation.) as the generations age and become discounted 55 years old and senior citizen age governmentally defined 65, life comes with new longevity, new communication, new digital living, connected homes, AI, robots, healthcare apps, and a new level of personal hygiene and beauty.

A senior citizen age is now being redefined.