Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Find out what the stars have in store for you. Leading Astrologer, Janet Amid tells all about your November 2020 horoscope.

Dear Readers,

 We finally made it through the muddle of this past year, as many of the planets in transit were totally at odds; we definitely felt the heat. The surge of the chaotic energies at hand were a bit much causing many of us to feel unsettled and out of sorts. The two major retrogrades, Venus, the planet of money and love from May through June 2020, as well as Mars, the planet of action & motivation from September through November 13 have been difficult, yet we still prevailed. And now, currently, Mercury in retrograde from October 13 ending November 3, 2020 at 12:50 PM EST will be the final retrograde for a while.

So now we Breathe!

So much this past year has taken us off course, our sense of normalcy, life as we knew it totally disrupted. Hopefully, as we begin the holidays, we prepare for our lives, our comfort zones to be restored. As my father always said, “Our free will is the higher law of the universe”. We create our own existence, though sometimes it can be disrupted by other circumstances. Though in the end, it all boils down to our perception, how we choose to live. Hugs to all ~ Janet

 MERCURY THE PLANET OF CHAT DIRECT – NOVEMBER 3- When Mercury is in retrograde, communication gets lost in the shuffle. As it moves direct now in Libra – the key to understanding is all about balance. This has been a crazy mental and physical ride as both Mercury and Mars in retrograde have stirred the pot. Now as we approach the holiday season hopefully there will be a hint of serenity. Mentally, we hope to be more at peace.

ELECTION DAY 2020- Most of us astrologers are looking at Tuesday, November 3, with trepidation because for most of the day, Mercury the planet of chat will be in retrograde until 12:50 PM EST. This particular retrograde is the last one for the year, and to top it off ending on the day of the election. Happening in such an fervent, unearthing sign as Scorpio, moving backwards in to Libra, the sign of justice, it prepares us for an interesting ride to say the least. It also suggests that there will be many voting controversies and confusion once the dust has settled.

 *The last time Mercury was in retrograde during a presidential election was during the discordant Bush/Gore disaster in 2000 when the Supreme Court had to settle a ruling based on a dispute from the results from the state of Florida. No surprise as Mercury in retrograde, specifically in Scorpio created an imbalance, lack of trust, questionable actions relating to the unearthing of issues that were swept under the carpet. Presently, both parties for the Presidential seat have their astrological pros and cons. But who knows? No matter who wins, the turbulence will continue, even after the win. It may take until Jan or as late as March 2021 when things finally settle down.

 NEW MOON IN SCORPIO – NOVEMBER 15, 2020 – This upcoming SCORPIO NEW MOON signals a time to re-examine ourselves. Taking a look at our deepest desires. Breaking down the barriers – sometimes matters become more clearer as well as intense under the illumination of the New Moon – emotions open up, we are deeply energized when dealing with ourselves as well as others. New Moon in Scorpio brings with it the energies of full commitment coming from the heart, or the exact opposite: breaking up and breaking hearts. This New Moon supports dedication, conviction and commitment to whatever you choose. These energies support what you want, not always what you need.

 FULL MOON IN GEMINI – NOVEMBER 30 – creates an intense vortex of mental “emotion” as you seek to bend and stretch your intelligence so as to hold two (or more) approaches to the issue you confront. Are you experiencing breakthroughs in perception that at times are unnerving and other times inspiring? This is a Mercurial Full Moon once again inviting mental flexibility — the psychic space to change your mind. This gives you freedom to make shifts, and align with the leading edge of your soul purpose.A Full Moon is opposite of the Sun, and can create a physical as well as emotional feeling of tug-pull. Those born under the Mercurial sign of Virgo and Gemini as greatly affected. Also those in opposition in Sagittarius can feel the intensity. For others much depends on your time birth, as to where it falls in your birth chart.

 MARS IN RETROGRADE – MOVING DIRECT -.Understanding the energy at hand, it’s best time to continue forward with set goals, and/or begin anything new after NOVEMBER 13 when direct. Adjusting expectations, working calmly through frustrations is your best bet. Reevaluate yourself. Initiate projects, get back on track. Make a note to self, work through issues that have been clouding your judgment.This particular transit has been intense, and quite overwhelming so now it is time to get back in gear. However understand that though Mars is moving forward, we may continue to feel its intensity until at least the middle of Jan 2021.


ARIES – ( March 20- April 19) – So much has happened within the last year or so, finally as we approach the middle of the month, Mars will move direct in your own sign, and Mercury will have already moved back in to Libra, in your area of partnerships. Hopefully a sense of release will have taken place, easing up the tension of the last few months. This month will prove itself to be chaotic, mainly because of the election among other things, and you for one are affected by the transits at hand. Though a shift in your favor will occur after December 2020, you may continue for a short to regain yourself.

TAURUS – ( April 20- May 20) – Your mind and thoughts are on overdrive during this month, and you feel a strong need to restore what energy you have left. A good solid period for taking the bull by the horns and moving forward on activity that needs to be done, work or personal related. Whatever you have left on the shelf, it’s time to take it down and resume your stance. Know that as a rule of thumb with most Taureans, you always do right by yourself and others. So meeting the challenges at hand, while setting your sights on a greater outcome for the year year ahead.

GEMINI ( May 21- June 20) – Creating a sense of normalcy where friendships are concerned has been a major priority for the last few months as you may have been shutting yourself off without even realizing. At this time, you may feel some sort of breakthrough with yourself as well as with those closest to you within the next few weeks or so. The puzzle finally begins to come together, anxieties lessen. A good time to take small steps in restoring the balance you so need..At the wake of the first of the first of the year, surprisingly you will be more than ready to step forward regarding love and career.

CANCER – ( June 21 – July 20)- Your work patterns and/or obligations specifically may have been very overwhelming within the last few months or so, therefore now is the time to set forth and accomplish what you started way back in July 2020. You may feel a bit more enthusiastic while trying to revive ideas and goals. Make haste and use the direct aspects of the planets to put yourself back in the game. This is a good month to restore your inner foundation as well. A good period to set forth with good intentions. It’s yours for the asking.

LEO -( July 22 – Aug 22) – You’re the perpetual dreamer, a realist as well, and during the last few months, you have been very introspective, and possibly out of character. Now that the transits are balancing, and moving direct, you may have a clear view as to what it is you need. Mentally as well as spiritually you’re back on track. Connecting with friends and having a meeting of the minds can be beneficial. Also, your love life may shift as you approach 2021. The cards are in your hands.

VIRGO – ( Aug 23- Sept 22) – During this period as the financial sector of your chart eases up, you may feel a sense of calm, and much more tolerant. The last few months with work and financial concerns looming, you may have had your doubts as to the light at the end of the tunnel. Now as things settle and hopefully get back to normal, you will begin to slowly feel restored.. Also a good period in which to take a personal inventory. Focus on your own needs. Small steps. Personal changes within the home are evident, but much in your favor.

LIBRA – ( Sept 23- Oct 22) – As Mercury and Mars move direct, you may take time to re-evaluate your partnerships, work or personal. These transits in retrograde merely illuminate, bring to light matters that need our attention. Now, it’s time to take action, and direct yourself on the right path. Now is the time to be extra careful with all things, verbal or written, as communicating is going to be to your best advantage. Do some something fun, and creative as you prepare to step our of this chaotic cycle, you will begin to feel renewed.

SCORPIO – ( Oct 23- Nov 21)- At this time take a circumspect look at yourself, and what you bring to the table. This period opens itself to health and fitness and doing all the things you need to do to revive yourself. Your responsibilities are magnified at this time, mainly where job matters are concerned. It’s up to you to forge head. Also know that money matters look promising. A good period after November 13 to possibly invest, or reexamine ?

SAGITTARIUS – ( Nov 22- DEC 20) – In the past matters of the heart have been unpredictable, not doing you justice, so now it’s time to initiate some action. Try unearthing a newfound form of optimism and take control. This month is illuminating as well as fun as it opens doors that you did not even know existed. Be open and receptive. The ball is in your court. Also, try your hand at a creative outlet. Do something a bit more extraordinary. Travel shines through in the future..

CAPRICORN  -( DEC 21- Jan 19) – Your life for a while has been put on hold, now you can move ahead, so be prepared to rework how you interact at home and within your job. New thoughts may emerge as to how to integrate generosity into your work and home life, as well as increased intimacy into your love life. It’s also a very strong cycle for changes that relate to financial and business matters. . The sky’s the limit. 

AQUARIUS – ( Jan 20- Feb 18)- During this time, you may step out of character as you’re likely to experience a strong desire urge to write, speak, or chat away, much unlike yourself. Though this period can be constructive as well as illuminating, it may also be overwhelming to say the least. Also some constructive aspects leading to job, possibly travel within a few weeks or so. Let the dust settle first. Then pick up where you left off. Your personal life soars, and you may find yourself really meeting the positive challenges and changes ahead. A very strong year in 2021!

PISCES – ( Feb 19 – March 19 )- Good news, your long term vision of financial gain may suddenly appear, though don’t be too hasty when opportunity befalls you. Also, you may find yourself locked in to new relationships, friendships through work or play. A good month, to just ease in to new ventures. As you end this year, you may surprise yourself by creating changes that should have been made years ago. This can be a lucrative, emotionally satisfying period ahead.

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