Friday, July 1, 2022

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What is “Wearable” Technology

In our very modern world, we are experiencing Dick Tracy times; meaning, wearable technology is now a genuine aspect of our lives.

Watchphones that notify you, Google Glasses that will read to our emails to us, a bracelet that will monitor our heart rate and turn off our lights, and anything else you can’t think of, but wish you had.

“Wearables”, that’s the name of the “wearable” technology.  Wondering if it’s a fad. No. It’s not.  It is however at its very beginnings.

Today’s technology aides us in so very many ways by allowing us to continue with our new activities by making everyday necessities a breeze and easily accomplished.  As we age, our bodies begin to change, we are not as resilient, we reinjure old injuries, we take longer to heal.  With our ageing bodies we have different needs, different lifestyles than we previously had and today’s technology affords us the ability and agility to accomplish all that we used to.

How many times have you been in bed and wondered if the house lights were turned off. With wearables, there is no need to guess, only a need to “wear” the device, or set it down by your bedside, however the case maybe.

The babyboomer and the senior citizens are the only generation with enough discretionary funding to give such conveniences the uptake they need.  It was these two generations that propelled the IPhone due to its easy to read icons.  Pictures were easily clicked and understandable to the babyboomer “consumer generation”.  Wearables, will be the same way. The babyboomer generation will find great use once they are explained and shown how well they may benefit their lifestyle, and aide them during their ageing parent phase.


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