Friday, September 30, 2022

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The Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show, a UK travel Destination!

By: Sylvie Reitman

There is no better UK travel destination than the Chelsea flower show in Chelsea, England.

This year, this incredible travel destination of beauty, history and strolling is from May 19-23, in Chelsea, London, England.

The chosen theme highlights anniversaries of monumental changing events.  The plants and the flowers of design will tell the story of these historical moments.  Installations include a WWI, the Magna Carta, A Living Legacy, about the Battle of Waterloo.

The gardens, none of which are typical, and all which one wishes they could recreate, are entrancing.  The planning, dedication and true passion for flowers are absolutely brimming at this show.  The inspiration and beauty at the RHS flower shows is remarkable.  Each garden, each piece, each flower, each precious thought of each installation is apparent.  The arrangements are works of art, love and passion.

Then stay a bit longer and linger in London and stroll over to the London Rose Show from May 29-30.  Just like the Chelsea flower show, the Royal Horticulture Society will insure that visitors will have roses, other plants, many rose related products including food and art work, and a very lovely time.

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