Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Use Our Checklist To Streamline Your Moving Plans 

As you begin to plan your senior move, it’s natural to look back on past moves and hope this one will be less stressful. Organizing everything in advance, sticking to the plan, and allowing for plenty of time are three important ways to reduce moving day stress. To help you keep track of the big picture, you can print a master checklist — created by expert moving company Transit Systems — of everything that needs to be done. The “Ultimate Moving Checklist,” designed with your needs in mind, lists dozens of important aspects of the moving process for your convenience.

Like most large projects, your move can seem more achievable when breaking it into small, actionable goals. This strategy can even help you feel more motivated to complete each step. With many small goals to conquer, you’ll notice the progress you make instead of feeling swamped by the tasks you haven’t reached yet. This checklist is a perfect accompaniment to this type of strategy because it groups tasks into smaller sublists. One example is an “Organizing” sublist that helps you arrange move-related paperwork so you don’t have to shuffle through a stack of papers every time you need an important file. Because every move is different, the checklist even includes blank lines at the bottom so you can customize it by adding personal must-do tasks for this move.

In addition to helping you stay organized and focused, this checklist helps you prepare for post-move hours and days. A few of the tips it shares to help you settle into your new living situation include:

  • A reminder to have services (such as Wi-Fi and cable TV) transferred to your new home early
  • A reminder to notify doctors, lawyers and other important people about your move (with a long list of suggestions included)
  • Logical first steps to take when you arrive at the new home, such as inventorying your belongings and meeting neighbors

It’s so easy to forget steps during a move or even to underestimate how much time you’ll need for each step (such as how many hours you’ll need the movers on moving day). Having everything neatly laid out on paper in front of you can not only help you feel more motivated and capable; it can also help you keep better control of the situation and ensure that, when moving day comes, you and your home will be ready for it.



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