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AUGUST 2015 – VENUS IN RETROGRADE! LOVE CAN BE CHOPPY. States Janet Amid for the Horoscope – August 2015

“August is here, and summer continues by force to grow days. They sprout secretly between the chapters of the year, covertly included between its pages.”
― Jonathan Safran Foer, Tree of Codes

Dear Readers,

As the Summer season is at its zenith, again we realize change is constant through out the universe. And we are all part of this forever changing cycle. Welcome August!


August/ September will be a time where the Mercurial energy of Virgo is felt. The Sun’s transit of Virgo brings the focus as the beginning of the harvest season unfolds, the summer crops. While the Sun moves through Virgo, we have the opportunity to make transitions, although in this case, any major moves should be held off until Venus retrograde cycle subsides, after the first few days in September. Review, planning and mental preparation for imminent changes are excellent activities for the latter part of September.


Let’s unravel the sentiments of this New Moon in Sun-ruled LEO! It’s here to spark our creative fires and also bring illumination by shedding light into relationships and urging us to align with our truth and empowered selves. A great time to plant seeds for creative ventures and partnerships.


PISCES is known to be the most spiritual, imaginative, sensitive sign of the zodiac, and each year as the Sun transits this feeling-oriented water sign, it’s time to tap into your creative self. Everyone has at least a little bit of the artist in them! Follow your intuition, pursue your dreams and watch the magic begin!


Retrogrades occur when a planet moves closer to the earth, thus increasing the vibration of whatever energy that particular planet rules. For many of us, retrogrades can be stressful due to the intensity of the energy at hand. Every two years or so Venus the planet of pleasure and play turns retrograde. Since Venus rules love as well as money, many of us may find ourselves in the position to reevaluate our love matters, whether new or existing, as well as our financial structure.

Saturn in retrograde – ending August 1, 2015 – allows to face our consequences, specifically in areas of money,personal resources and partnerships. It’s a form of unearthing, so to speak in every aspect of our lives. A period in which we rehash, to reexamine patterns from our past, as well as present. Endurance and rethinking are the key points of this retrograde. Those born under Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio, and Capricorn ( since it is your ruling sign). However where every the retrograde is taking place in your chart is where the influence is expressed.


As Venus, the planet of pleasure and play is about , continues in the fiery, intense sign of Leo we may find ourselves more enthusiastic, romantic and loving life as a whole. However its conflict with transiting Saturn in retrograde until the 18th may trigger issues surrounding love as well being a bit hasty where spending is concerned.

Venus, is the planet that rules, love, social interactions, beauty, values money and partnerships, both work and personal. When in retrograde it begins to create havoc in areas where it is placed in your birth chart. Not a great time to initiate love relationships, or to end one. More importantly it is a good period to reconstruct your own values, to revisit situations that may need some type of closure. Also, if you are planning for ANY type of reconstructive type of surgery, or to beautify, or to make changes in your home. Or if you are thinking about financial planning, or making a huge investment, re-consider holding off. Think twice. If possible hold off until September 9, 2015 or later.


ARIES – ( March 20- April 19)- As Venus retrogrades your area of love and speculation, you may find yourself risk taking in areas of love and or speculation. Although love can be quite interesting as well as unpredictable as would be chance-taking. In addition, this months Full Moon in Pisces in the hidden sector of your chart unleashes your inner thoughts. Time to revisit what has been left on the back burner.

TAURUS – ( April 20- May 20)-As much as you resist change you’re now being forced to make some necessary decisions involving your home base. For the next few months or so, make the most out of unexpected upheavals – to see opportunities where others may see pitfalls. As Venus transits your area of home, you may become more introspective, more willing to take on more tasks. The desire to nest is indicated, however you may be taken aback by expense. Also this months Full Moon in Pisces fortifies friendships.

GEMINI- ( May 21- June 20) -You may find yourself suddenly thrust into a new opportunity, or you may realize that your potential is higher that what you are recognized for. Nonetheless, it’s important that you stand still, and not make quick, rash decisions though, enticing and unrealistic as it may seem. Venus in retrograde in your area of everyday affairs and thoughts, cautions you to be aware of not only what you are saying but how you are saying it. Also, this months Full Moon in sensitive Pisces hovering over the zenith part of your chart idealizes your work conditions. Emotions run very high.

CANCER -( June 21 – July 20)- Financial matters, love or money could flourish this week with both Venus, and the transiting Sun in balance to your own sign. However as careful as you are with your pennies, you may find yourself during this Venus retrograde a bit out of character. Spending more than even you anticipated. Also, Since you are ruled by the Moon, you will feel this transit of the Full moon in Pisces as it takes place in your are of higher aspirations. A strong cycle to seek out your higher self…

LEO -( July 22 – Aug 22)- As Venus the planet of pleasure and play turns retrograde in your own sign, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain as you clearly focus on long term financial goals. In addition to this, love matters new or existing may take on a new perspective. During this time you may begin to see your partnerships from a completely different angle. Money matters can be unpredictable due to the Full Moon in Pisces, so be extra careful.

VIRGO – ( Aug 23- Sept 22)- An unusual transit as Venus turns retrograde in the private, secretive sector of your chart. Reflection is the key as you see yourself clearing out past and negative patterns.. In addition, this is an important period for clear agreements, both on a professional or personal basis as this months Full Moon in Pisces illuminates relationships.

LIBRA – ( Sept 23- Oct 22) – Venus retrogrades in your area of friendships and group connections you may find yourself pulling back and having to reset your dial when dealing with others. As the scales of balance are your trademark this is a period to get equal time for yourself.. Also this months Full Moon in Pisces encourages health and fitness. Time to get yourself back on track.

SCORPIO – ( Oct 23- Nov 21)-Venus retrograding at the culminating point of your chart places focus on career aspirations, whether to do or not to do. This is the question. This can be an opportune time to plan, then implement. Finish left over projects, get back on track. Also, the Full Moon in your 5th house of love matters places the heart in a sensitive place. Though you are not the impulsive type, this can bring haste and emotion into the equation.

SAGITTARIUS – ( Nov 22- Dec 20) For the next few months take each day as it comes, and be cautious when taking on too many unnecessary obligations. It’s time for you to focus on your own needs for a change. As Venus retrogrades your area of knowledge, you may suddenly become more in-tuned to your inner thoughts as awareness is intensified. Also, this weeks Full Moon accents romance, new or existing. Though you are not the impulsive type, this can bring haste and emotion into the equation.

CAPRICORN -( Dec 21- Jan 19) – Verbal emotions run high this week, so be careful of delivery. This weeks Full Moon accents your self expression house, so you may find yourself a bit more out there then you expected. Also money related matters can be unpredictable as this months Full Moon in Leo can be chaotic. Also, love can be crazy and not defined.

AQUARIUS – ( Jan 20- Feb 18)-As always watch your pennies as the Full Moon accents your 2nd house of finances, stimulating your desire to spend way over your means. Also, you find yourself seeking out better ways to create additional income. Also, a strong, and positive cycle for you as your energy is given a face lift. You may find yourself feeling more creative, than usual. Also, your area of love and partnerships may be going through a bit of a shift as Venus in retrograde may bring important matters to the surface

PISCES – ( Feb 19 – March 19 )- You may feel a sense of urgency this month as your need to focus on health and fitness is increased as Venus in retrograde encourages fitness. During this period many areas of your life may feel challenging, it is basically up to you to create the balance. Also, the Full Moon in your own sign places the limelight on you.

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