Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Time management or planning ahead for how to use your time is a fundamental skill needed in the adult workplace. Planning is the cornerstone of time management. You can do all that needs to be done with planning and scheduling.

Lives are busy, days are filled and yet you still want to accomplish, do, run your business, run your home, have fun and enjoy every moment by understanding your time and how to properly manage it.

Your calendar needs to be your best friend.  Write everything within it.  All mobile devices come with a calendar app for convenience; it will notify you and help you tremendously.

Calendar your days from the moment you know your deadline.  Begin with the date due, then back up your timeframe to the days necessary to accomplish the task; down to the time you must begin your effort.

Start at a realistic hour and give yourself the time to do a good job.  Place calendar reminders for key marking points for accomplishments.

The most important aspect of time management is knowing what is truly important and hitting your deadline.

To find your marking points to reach your deadlines, you must work backwards.  Know your deadline, that which needs to be accomplished and then work backwards on your calendar; making the start date and then all that is required in between to fulfill that goal.

Duties must be spaced out in a realistic time-frame.  Accomplishment is key; key for success and key for self esteem to continue onward with your endeavor.

Always be honest with yourself and keep to your time schedule, then cross it off of your list. The brain likes to feel accomplished.

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