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JANET AMID HOROSCOPE - JULY 2016 baby boomer magazine Finally! Magazine
There is a fractal relationship between the orbits in the heavens and human activity down here on Earth
*Solar eclipse SEPTEMBER 13, New Moon and the Solar Eclipse in Virgo -affecting people born with planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces most significantly.This particular Eclipse will affected matters revolving around healthcare, specifically speaking with regard to ourselves or with regard to the masses. Since Virgo rules the earth this is all about grounding, feeling more centered, providing service, charity and giving back. As Saturn in Sagittarius is at odds with this New Moon we find ourselves feeling more driven to accomplish, to finalize, to secure ourselves emotionally as well as physically.
*September 27, Harvest Moon – Full Moon in Aries – Lunar Eclipse – .
“There is an electric fire in human nature tending to purify – so that among these human creatures there is continually some birth of new heroism. The pity is that we must wonder at it, as we should at finding a pearl in rubbish.” John Keats (1795-1821)
*This year’s Aries Full Moon is a momentous one, as it’s also a Lunar Eclipse. The toss up between
 Individuality vs. relationships. Is is all about me, or is it all about us? The Libra Sun is the sign of partnership and compromise, whereas the Moon in Aries is all about feeling self The Aries lunar eclipse effects will be bold and impossible to ignore. so be aware of your own emotions, as well as your actions. Take heed in the knowledge that you may be prone to over reacting and not enough balance.
Venus turns direct September 6, 2015 – As the planet of love and values, Venus moves into a direct motion on September 6, 2015, in the fun-social, creative sign of Leo, we find ourselves questioning relationships that began under Venus retrograde from July 25 through Sept 6. Also, we begin to question purchases made, whether large or small, the question is why and how come? Venus retrograde periods are times when we re-assess what—and who—we value. Specifically speaking, now in a direct motion, since Venus rules, beauty and aesthetics, beautification processes (new hairdos, enhancements, purchasing a new wardrobe, cosmetic surgery, and so forth), renovations, re-decorating, and the like are now advised. Social undertakings, or any sort of event planning is good to go. Major financial undertakings, such as selling a home, purchasing, or investments are now advised. Those born under Leo, Libra, Scorpio and Taurus can breathe a sigh of relief.
Saturn Moves into Sagittarius September 17 –
Saturn, the planet of discipline renters the more expansive, independent thinking sign of Sagittarius on September 17, 2015, until December of 2017.
Saturn in Scorpio from 1982- 1984 & October 2012 through Dec 2014 was connected with the eighth house. The eighth house relates to sex, the way we feel about relationships, our partners money, joint finances, taxes and debt, alimony and payments, corporate money, inheritance, wills and legacies, bankruptcy, personal sacrifices and it is the house of change and transformation.
Saturn in Scorpio is secretive and can be quite intense as Scorpio’s rulers are both Mars and Pluto. Giving up control and fear of rejection can be issues we face during this cycle of Saturn along with issues connected with what we share with others. While Saturn was transiting in Scorpio we finished up lessons/situations that began in October of 2012. Now moving back into Sagittarius, we find ourselves less anxious, more open and less involved with secrecy. It’s all about higher learning, education and moving forward into a more positive, Pollyannaish way of looking at life.
Mercury is in retrograde Libra from September 17 thru October 9 –
Mercury rules all types of communication, including listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and buying. Mercury also rules all formal contracts and agreements, as well as important documents such as book manuscripts or term papers, agreements, deeds, contracts, leases, wills, and so forth.
Mercury doesn’t actually move backward. It moves closer to the earth, therefore disrupting various forms of communication. When a planet retrogrades, astrologically it is in a resting or sleeping state. Therefore, while Mercury slows down, all forms of communication shifts into a sleep-mode. Ideas, thoughts, chat tends to get scrambled, or spins out of control. Not a good time to make major decisions, or to have major surgery unless there is not a choice. Since it is occurring in the sign of Libra, which rules Venus, which governs beauty and partnerships. Plastic Surgery? Nay.. Not at this time. Starting a new business, or forming a new relationship? Going on a dating site? No. Hold off until October 9, if possible. Those born under Virgo, Gemini and Libra are most affected. However wherever Mercury falls into your own chart based on time of birth indicates where you are affected.
ARIES – ( March 20- April 19)-now that Venus the planet of love has moved into a direct motion we find ourselves more open to relationships, new or existing. Matters of the heart once again trigger a flutter. In addition to this speculation/chance taking may be something to think about. In addition Mercury the planet of relationships in a retrograde motion from September 17 through October 9 cautions us with regard to partnerships both work or personal related. As always careful of delivery. In addition to this Saturn moving back into Sagittarius until 2017 occupying your ninth house of higher consciousness will open up doors in areas of education, travel or spirituality. An excellent transit. Learn to appreciate it.
TAURUS – ( April 20- May 20)-as with most Taurean’s your need for comfort is paramount. Venus turning direct on September 9 occupying your area of home lessons the stress and creates more of a positive atmosphere. In addition financial and business related matters have a special-purpose as Saturn occupying your eighth house of monies may instill more knowledge as well as security. Mercury in retrograde on the 17th focus is on responsibilities as well as health-related matters. Be careful of taking too much on and/or creating more tension that is unnecessary.
GEMINI ( May 21- June 20) – -as Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th you’ll find yourself less inclined to jump in hastily when it comes to relationships/or matters of the heart. However Saturn occupying your house partnerships starting the September 17, 2015 through 2017 allows you a better platform in which to secure yourself . In addition to this Venus now turning direct on the ninth will allow for better communication specifically with regards to family matters and/or neighbors.
CANCER -( June 21 – July 20)-now that Venus is moving into a direct motion you may be less concerned with regard to financial matters. In addition this is the time to pay caution to the when with regard to home related situations. More importantly don’t react unnecessarily. Pay more attention to what you say as opposed to how you feel. However in the long run you’ll come out smelling like a rose. In addition to this one of the best aspects is when Saturn occupies your six house of health. Specifically speaking this allows you to pay more attention and have a better relationship with your body.
LEO –( July 22 – Aug 22)- Venus in direct motion on the ninth highlights you and put to the limelight again. You find yourself less restricted and more open to receive. In addition Mercury retrograde in your area of communication and chat cautions you with speaking out loud. Think before jumping in to unforeseen waters. Also be aware that Saturn occupying your fifth house of love affairs may instill more common sense when dealing with matters of the heart. A great transit.
VIRGO – ( Aug 23- Sept 22)-the most important thing to remember is now that Venus is moving into a direct motion in the private sector of your chart, your subconscious, you find yourself holding unless to the past and allowing yourself to move forward. In addition your concerns about financial matters ease up considerably and you see yourself less controlled by fears and more awakened by positive influences. In addition Mercury your ruler moving retrograde may be a bit stressful as you try to make rhyme or reason out of everyday situations. However as with anything else this is temporary. Also Saturn occupying your area of home may trigger a need to sell, remodel, or just make changes necessary in creating a better environment.
LIBRA – ( Sept 23- Oct 22)-with Venus, your ruler, moving into a direct motion you find yourself more tolerant of friendships both work and personal related. In addition to this you see yourself less encumbered and more open, as well as aware. However on the flip side Mercury in retrograde in your own sign may be causing you to question yourself, creating more doubt in your own perception. Realize that reality is the key. Balance and staying focused is paramount. In addition to all of this your communication skills are enhanced as you find yourself paying more to do not only what you say bit but how you say it as Saturn occupying your third house of chat screams discipline.
SCORPIO – ( Oct 23- Nov 21)-as with most Scorpios you find yourself secretive, more inclined to hang onto your inner thoughts then to volunteer information. As Mercury turns retrograde in your subconscious you find yourself reminiscent as well as nostalgic, holding onto memories unyielding in terms of letting them go. Closure is the key, letting go and allowing yourself to move on is supreme. Also as Venus now moves direct at your mid heaven career matters are less restrictive as you see yourself more at ease. However during this transit with Saturn moving into sad in your money house you find yourself more inclined to be aware finances. Although with most Scorpios your basically in the zone.
SAGITTARIUS – ( Nov 22- DEC 20 – as Saturn moves back into your own sign on the 19th you find yourself taking a personal inventory. A good cycle in which to focus on getting yourself back on track. In addition to this Venus moving into a direct motion in your area of higher consciousness may allow a better platform for you to seek out your higher self. A great cycle to write, to produce or to seek. In addition Mercury retrograding in your area of friendships may cause you to question your personal alliances. Be aware that at certain times silence is golden.
CAPRICORN -( DEC 21- Jan 19) -as Mercury transits the Zenith part of your chart, your career you find yourself questioning your own motivation, whether to stay at the job or to leave, whether to move up or stay where you’re at. You find yourself in a constant mode of questioning. Therefore it’s important to stay put and not make any big decisions until after Mercury has moved into a direct motion. More importantly Venus now moving into a direct motion in your financial house will create less tension where monies are concerned. Saturn occupying your 12th house of thought strengthens your mind set and keep on track.
AQUARIUS – ( Jan 20- Feb 18)-now that Venus is moving direct in your relationship house you find yourself feeling more open as well as receptive. More importantly Mercury in a retrograde motion starting the 19th will have you questioning your own sense of purpose. However realize it as with all things this is temporary yet can be beneficial and allowing you to open up your mind consciousness. To be more alert as well is aware. Saturn occupying your house of friendships on the 17th will bring stability to those you are connected to whether work or personal related.
PISCES – ( Feb 19 – March 19 )- as Saturn moves back into Sagittarius on the 17th hovering over the mid heaven part of your chart, your career, you see yourself motivated and ready to take on the world is stability and structure are at you back and call. In addition to all of this Venus moving into a direct motion in your money house creates less tension and preoccupation where finances are concerned. In addition to this Mercury moving retrograde merely says it’s time to rethink, reevaluate and not act hastily.

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