celebrate the holidays


Welcome Dear Reader,

It is always good to focus on the positive. This month is no different as we focus on the dawning of the holidays.  One way to elevate one’s mood in celebratory fashion is to find joy and to be thankful.

There is a lot for which to be thankful and a lot on which to reflect and a lot for which we should really be celebrating, but for reasons unknown, often hold back. This holiday, don’t hold back. Live. Find joy. The holidays are here, about that there is no doubt. Embrace them. Focus on the good. Be thankful for the good. Embrace the holidays.

The holidays are often not an easy time, and as our relatives age and our family changes, so does our daily routine and our agendas. Our lives are not as they were, they hold different desires and different time-frames. So focus on the outcome.

This month, we welcome you, dear reader, and thank you for joining us as we all enter the holiday season together.

So raise your glass and celebrate! Keep that joy and celebratory attitude and you may be surprised at the way it gathers momentum. Life science is an interesting science.

We live in a real-time world, and we enjoy sharing such, with you, each of you, one page at a time, one day at a time, one step at a time, one reader at a time, real-time.

Here, we go!  Together.

Enjoy the read

Norman Goodman