My Dear Reader,

Ah February is a month filled with love and showing that love.

It is a month for the people in our lives to understand to share and know just how we feel.  Whether our special people are family, or friends or Aunties or Uncles, love is love.

And this month our magazine is filled with love. 

Love of others and love of self

Be certain to take care of yourself and the ones you love, by showing them your love.

We care. We care about the now and all we can do in our now, and we gladly share it with you, our reader.

We are proud to gather these articles for you, dear reader, as you continue to read us, each and every month, recognising how you add to who we are, as we add to who you are.

So, as always, I wish you good reading, and good thinking, and love, cover to cover.

Have great thoughts. Have greater actions. Show your love.

From all of us, to all of you…

Enjoy the read!


Your Editor-In-Chief

Norman Goodman