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Welcome Dear Reader,

It is always good to focus on the positive. This month is no different as we focus on the New Year.

This year, focus on yourself. You don’t necessarily have to chase your dream as if you were 20, but focus on being true to yourself.

There is a lot for which you stand, a lot you can do, a lot you may want to do for yourself or community.

Reflect upon yourself. Find the joys in your world, your week, your day, your household.   There is a lot on which you may reflect and want to change.

A new year is not always easy. The expectations are great, our thoughts are great, but when we place one foot in front of the other, a new path begins…

After continued effort, because as we have learned, life takes effort, your path will be not only in front of you, but also behind you. You have gone in a direction because of your efforts and ultimately because of your reflection and your desire for change.

This month, we welcome you, dear reader, and thank you for joining us as we all enter the new year together.

So raise your glass and celebrate yourself! Keep that joy and celebratory attitude and you may be surprised at the way it gathers momentum. Life science is an interesting science. Let this year’s science, begin with your reflection.

Here, we go!  Together into the new year.

Enjoy the read

Norman Goodman