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What’s In The Stars

Hang on to your seats, the month of September will be an interesting ride, an eerie calm before the storm. During this month we will experience Mars, the planet of activity, turning retrograde in its ruling sign of Aries. It’s previous occurrence’s were from August 1988 through October 28, 1988, September 19, in Taurus turning direct November 25, 1973 in Aries, and Sept 6, 1941 through November 10, 1941,

History aside, currently, this is a period in which we find ourselves struggling with issues relating to the election, Covid, as well as financial shakeups relating to our economy. Our instincts are put to the test, impulses are amplified. A toss up about between rationality and emotional reactions.

In addition to all of this Mars in retrograde can also influence us on a more personal level. Specifically speaking, physical and energy levels, confidence, work performance, as well as stamina. Also, relationships issues that have been brewing for awhile begin to unfold. Truth be known.

Understanding the energy at hand, it’s not the best time to initiate a major project, start a new job, or begin a new relationship. It would be wiser to coast, and think before jumping in.

To be more specific, adjusting expectations, working calmly through frustrations is your best bet. Plan, then initiate later. Reevaluate goals. Make a note to self, work through issues that have been clouding your judgment.

This particular transit is intense, and quite overwhelming if not dealt with. In astrology Mars represents action, as well as behavior, energy and drive. How Mars functions in our own charts is represented on where it is placed based on time of birth.

As mentioned, this particular Mars retrograde will be taking place in the Mars-ruled sign of Aries, so those born under Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and Scorpio will be feel its affects more closely. For others, where is falls in to your chart, based on time of birth will indicate its relevance.

FULL MOON IN PISCES– Sept 2, 2020 -Pisces is known to be the most spiritual, imaginative, sensitive sign of the zodiac, and each year as the Sun transits this feeling-oriented water sign, it’s time to tap into your creative self. Everyone has at least a little bit of the inventor/designer in them! Follow your intuition, pursue your dreams and watch the magic begin! Those most affected by this Full Moon are Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini. Though much of this relates to where it falls into your birth chart based on your time of birth.

NEW MOON IN VIRGO – Sept 17, 2020 This New MOON in Virgo brings to light a need for personal clarification and problem solving. This is a meticulous situation in that the Sun and Moon conjunct each other with little interference. This New Moon will highlight all those imbalances in our daily routines, do we spend too much time and effort on being healthy, eating right, exercising, and criticizing every bite we take, fighting against diseases real and imagined – and all the while driving ourselves and everyone around us crazy with too much emphasis on every little detail? On the other hand, some of us eat too much, do not exercise at all, and are hoping that their habits will not cost them too much (they usually do). There are very few people in the world right now who are in the middle: yes, they do care about what they eat, but it does not become such a central issue filled with anxieties and criticism, they do take care of their health, and again, give it due proportion.

JUPITER DIRECT IN CAPRICORN – For Sag’s you will be relived as your ruling planet moving direct places less stress on your finances, and will decrease its “heaviness”. During this time, with Jupiter direct the focus will be on progress and increased awareness. When planets are in retrograde, we reflect, we look back, holding on to its unique influence. Jupiter is a happy, social influence whereas in retrograde, most of that influence is diminished and its influence rather serious. The veil will lift, and many of us will feel less encumbered.

“In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don’t try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present.”― Lao Tzu

MARS RX FROM SEPTEMBER 9 THROUGH NOVEMBER 13, 2020 – As mentioned above, one of the most intense retrogrades occurs with Mars, the planet of action as it rules aggression, action and motivation. When in retrograde it can stir up some unexpected turbulence if not dealt with. Given the state of our current issues, it may bring matters to the surface. As the saying goes, “You can run but you cannot hide”, will be the motto here. This is a time where you lean to find your courage to stand up for your beliefs. Let your voice be heard. When Mars is in retrograde, you may feel more burnt out, less motivated than usual, more inclined to slow down, or on the flip side, you may begin to feel more anxious as well as aggressive than usual. This transit may also bring to light issues that need resolution, maybe unfulfilled dreams, or a strong desire to eliminate debt. It may also trigger unsettled grief. No matter what the main purpose of this retrograde is to address what is holding you back, so you can put it behind you, moving forward. After this period, Mars will not retrograde in Aries until 2067.

JUPITER/SATURN CONJUNCTION – During this time create new and better ideas for yourself. Get grounded. This transit will allow you to conceptualize, to expand in a more constructive manner. Make planes for travel for 2021. Work beyond the borders of your comfort levels. Get your finances in order.

*Your Highest Self is not just an idea that sounds lofty and spiritual. It is a way of being. It is the very first principle that you must come to understand and embrace as you move toward attracting to you that which you want and need for this parenthesis in eternity that you know as your life. Wayne Dyer


ARIES – ( March 20- April 19) – The first house represents our outward character, the facet that is revealed to the outside world. How others may perceive us, and how we act on our own perception.. For most Aries, it’s always about push and shove, motivation and ambition. The movers and shakers of the zodiac. As Mars moves retrograde in your own sign, you may see yourself pulling back and questioning your every move. It’s not the best time to forge ahead on new ideas, though it is an excellent time to plan accordingly. Your energy may be slightly diminished, and your focus may be lessened, though in good time you will feel replenished and ready to begin again much the wiser. Work related issues as well as personal choices may be questioned.

TAURUS – ( April 20- May 20) – The Second House refers to possessions, what we own. Symbolically not limited to tangible items, it can also represent our emotions, our abilities, wants and desires. When we lay claim to our feelings, we own them. And during this period, with Mars in retrograde of your 12th house of secrets, you may see yourself more likely to relinquish old patterns, letting go of unresolved issues as this transit can help to clear out the debris of the past. This will eventually force you to take stock of working through any unresolved issues. This can be a profound transit as you see yourself more caught up with the past, reminiscing, possibly unwilling to let go. It’s all about forcing yourself to stay in the now. It can also influence health related matters, so take stock. Don’t step too far away from your comfort levels.

GEMINI – ( May 21- June 20) – The 11th house of a chart represents groups, friendships, whether through close alliances or work related. We sort of find strength in numbers, empowerment through a collective group. So during this retrograde your relationship with friends, whether co-workers or personal may undergo a bit of shift as you see yourself more dismissive, lacking the luster you felt before. You may be more critical, more aware of what may have not been as apparent in the past. This can be a transit of you find yourself having less patience. On the flip side, in addition, you may be open to expanding your inner circle,meeting new friends, yet in the aftermath of Mars direct, that could shift, and your connections could be temporary. Stay true to yourself, stay open, but aware.

CANCER – ( June 21 – July 20) – Your mid-heaven, your 10th house refers to your social status. Your calling in life, who and what you aspire to be. Whether you achieve it or not, depends on you. As Mars in retrograde transits your mid-heaven, your career aspirations feel less stable, more unpredictable. During this time, it is important not to take chances, or make major decisions without thinking it through. Take this time to work through any minor mishaps, plan things out, then if you still feel the same way after November 13, then plan a change or move after Jan 2021. This can relate to home as well as work.

LEO – ( July 22 – Aug 22) – The ninth house in astrology represents philosophy, spirituality, and religion, your higher self. Since we all have our own insights and experiences, this particular transit can affect us all differently. These spheres of life include intuition, insight, education and religious beliefs, and during this transit you may be in question about these things. You may begin to look at life through a different lens, and in doing so, have a different perspective. So be aware of this transit that can even take you in to a place of solitude. Or you may suddenly have a desire to get away, to escape from life’s everyday stresses. Either way, it may be good to just take each day and coast.

VIRGO – ( Aug 23- Sept 22) – The 8th House is about transformation, power and regeneration, and with Mars retrograde transiting your 8th house, proper use of power, whether through money, ambition or self reflection is indicated here. It can relate quite heavily to renewal in most areas of your life, as well as regaining yourself financially. Taking stock of what is needed to get back on track, or to remain in sync. This is a good period to take control while remaining still while this retrograde is in progress. Don’t make any hasty changes.

LIBRA – ( Sept 23- Oct 22) – The seventh House is sometimes referred to as the house of partnerships, whether it encompasses marriage, business partnerships, contracts, cooperative relationships, and also divorce, separation, quarrels, open enemies, and lawsuits. During this retrograde as Mars opposes your Sun sign, occurring in your area of partners you may feel a bit overwhelmed, whether through relationships business or personal, or in conflict about signing any sort of agreements. If possible hold off, if not read between the lines and make sure your agreements are clear and precise.

SCORPIO – ( Oct 23- Nov 21) – Inherent in sustaining good health, along with the the ability to deal with adversity and responsibilities is the mantra for your Sixth House transit. As human beings, we struggle with inconsistencies, adversity and more. So how do we deal with them? How do we handle our sense of responsibility? As Mars your ruler in retrograde transits your 6th house you may find yourself more or less motivated. Either way, during this time, you would be better off you just stay on a single path, stick to a plan, whatever it may be, then implement after Nov 2020.

SAGITTARIUS – ( Nov 22- DEC 20- A fifth house transit is where your inner self reveals its fun side, where you have the opportunity to express your personality to the fullest and in doing yourself you bring more satisfaction through personal interests, romance, hobbies, speculation, risk-taking and more. The 5th house is all about you being more creative and just letting yourself do your own thing. However during this retrograde you may want to pull it back a bit. Sometimes during a Mars retrograde new or former partners emerge. So, therefore, step back and reassess.

CAPRICORN – ( DEC 21- Jan 19)- A fourth house transit is explained through our roots, home and family, sometimes through dreams and personal relationships, as well as our inner core, our ability to feel grounded, to love, and relate. It can also refer to our home, where we nest. During this transit, of Mars in retrograde you may feel a profound need to purge, to clean house, to renovate, or move. It would be wise, to hold back and think it through, before jumping in full speed ahead.

AQUARIUS – ( Jan 20- Feb 18)- The third house of a person’s chart governs the mind, chat, intellect and ideas. It also represents creative endeavors through writing, or exchanging ideas. It also can include siblings, neighbors, and animals. During this Mars retrograde it would be wise to watch your words, delivery counts as this transit is more potent then a Mercury retrograde as it can pounce without warning. Be very aware of travel, making sure your double check your checklist. Family members and maybe neighbors may get on your last nerve, so tread carefully.

PISCES – ( Feb 19 – March 19 ) – As with most Pisceans money is not your guide, however during this transit of Mars retrograde, let it lead you in to a path of more awareness where fiances are involved. Be cautious, yet also enjoy the fruits of your labor is your mantra for the month. A good period in which to sit back and reevaluate your financial situation. Paying close attention to details, contracts and other wise. You may become more involved in your earthly possessions as you see yourself more in touch with what is happening around you.

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