Monday, August 15, 2022

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If your Mom didn’t throw them out while you were in college, then your Marvel and DC superhero comic books might be a handy nest-egg.

By: Ashley Cotter-Cairns of

Sell My Comic Books got the call on Canadian Thanksgiving. (Like American Thanksgiving, without the Football or the parade.) A recently-bereaved lady had a collection of 1930s-40s comic books, and wanted to sell. She was literally a few blocks from home.

Editor Ashley Cotter-Cairns says his British accent can be a huge asset, but it took all his James Bond-esque charm to land this particular collection. Nearly $50,000 in cash changed hands.

But after the dickering was done, he and his business partner, Sean Goodrich, were pretty pumped. In the collection was a copy of Action Comics #7 — the second time Superman appeared on the cover of a comic book.

“Most comic book dealers won’t see one in their career.” Cotter-Cairns smiles and shrugs. “One of our competitive advantages is speed. We send valuations within minutes if possible, and will jump on a plane if the right collection comes along.”

How the Comic Book Evaluation Service Works

Sell My Comic Books is a website which helps people to identify and get a baseline value for comic books, and encourages potential customers to send in lists of comic books.

It’s a daunting task for most people to figure out values. Sell My Comic Books makes it as easy as possible to find out whether you have a 401K, or a Goodwill donation, on your hands.

“Our most common clients are downsizing Boomers,” Cotter-Cairns explains. “They’ve decided to sell, but have trouble letting go for sentimental reasons.”

Sell My Comics Books requests photos of the most important books, then makes an offer based on the value of these so-called Key Issues.

Snaps on a cellphone will do most of the time, although scans of high-value items are always preferred.

If the company is interested in buying, then they will make an outright offer. Payment is made via Paypal — both parties are covered in case of an issue, and sellers receive payment before mailing anything — and books are shipped to their Maine or Montreal offices using USPS or Fedex. Certified checks or wire payments are alternatives, but only after books are received first.

A Great Time to Sell Your Comic Book Collection

The huge interest in Superhero movies is driving record sales, especially in 1960s comics.

“Boomers who ‘invested’ 10c or 12c in a Spider-Man or Hulk comic may have made their greatest decision in their early teens,” Cotter-Cairns grins.

Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man, has doubled in value in the past two years. Incredible Hulk #1 is not far behind. Brave and the Bold #28, Showcase #4, and Action Comics #252 are valuable DC comic books.

If it’s time for YOU to sell, then you can experience Ashley’s charming British accent by calling Sell My Comic Books.

He’s going to want a list though, so you should consider following the 1-2-3 Quick List instructions to be found at


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