Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Sydney’s Promoting Great Karma & Chi this August

One of Asia’s most popular destinations is Sydney – famed for its stunning views, the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Botanical Gardens, Mosman and Cremorne Point, Luna Park, Taronga Zoo and more attractions than we have time to mention.

But when it comes to creating more Zen in this fantastic city, there are a few events per year that magnetically attract the masses, including the Sydney Crystal Show, taking place the 5th and 6th August. With vendors selling their wares, don’t expect to see just grape size minerals on display as the crystal industry is big business. These precious stones have been in existence for thousands of years and each feature a unique attribute, regardless of if you can fit them in your hand or they weigh in at around 60lbs. Whether it’s aquamarine for purification or calcite for cleansing, agate for strength or citrine for energy boosters, there are thousands to choose from and the Crystal Show won’t disappoint.

Maybe you have low self esteem, or want to zap away negativity knocking at your door? Possibly you’re looking for more love in your life or simply want a small stone to restore confidence. We suggest you do your homework online first to see what type of booster you need and when you get to the show, you’ll know the stone when you see it. Experts say that simply holding these minerals gives them the ability to speak to you aka, you instantly feel rejuvenated and on top of the world.

To put you in an even better mood, entry to the Crystal Show on both days is free! The stones can range in price from around $5 to thousands of dollars, depending density, rarity and size of the crystal. Even being in the presence of such a feel-good range of minerals is worth checking the event out, while getting your Chi flowing again and Chakras aligned.

Adding even more positivity to your Sydney bound trip, there are three local boutique hotels featuring winter offer deals for group visitors. You can check out their hotels and rates on these links. They’re affordable, are central in the city and will guarantee to get your Anahata (heart chakra) pumping!

Cremorne Point Manor: One of Sydney’s oldest & most established 4 star, AAA rated hotels:

Dalziel Lodge: Stunning heritage building, 3.5 Star with huge guest, self catering kitchen.

Glenferrie Lodge: On the same street as the Prime Minister’s residence in lively Kirribilli:

Cremorne Point Manor, four star boutique hotel near Sydney Harbour

Glenferrie Lodge, three star boutique hotel near Sydney Harbour

Dalziel Hotel, affordable long term accommodation near Sydney Harbour

Emerald City Hotel Group


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