Friday, July 1, 2022

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Visit Your Favorite Garden for a personal respite.

In our times of war and fierce unrest, still reeling from the aftermath of a global pandemic, and no this is not a film script pitch-line, this is our world, and we are fighting to save our land, dignity and our breath. Now, right now. A world so flipped-on its ear between attitudes and generations, finance and new money and mars and anime that we hardly have time to think about our lives, what makes our days joyous and and what places a smile on our face.  We rant, post, reddit, but it’s time. Time to step-back and visit your favorite garden.

Rose Garden, Zen Garden, Flower Garden…Visit Your Favorite Garden

A natural first thought is to recluse and internalize, which is fine for a brief minute. We have it on strong authority, and personal experience that we recommend going outside and breathing in the fresh air.  City, country, or suburbia fresh air and an inspiring environment can make a difference in your day and your attitude. Taking a walk in your yard or someone else’s yard, like your city-garden is a terrific way to regroup and stop and smell the roses, as the saying goes. 

Our most relaxing garden at first thought, with respect to a garden, is a zen garden; filled with energy and purposefully cared-for. 

Our bodies need a chance to take a step or 25, forward, our heart needs to pump and our mind needs to cleanse. Breath in the fresher air that surrounds the garden and the flowing body of water and immerse yourself in its zen. 

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