Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Today’s Top 40 Chart

Today’s senior citizen and older babyboomer has been listening to the top 40 charts since last century.  Today’s older generation knows many musical eras as it has moved through many different styles, but do they know what the “hip” generation of music listeners and purchasers are listening to?

No one likes to be left behind or left out of anything, but often we forget that other interests, although categorically the same, exist to a new group of people we see on a daily basis. A represented group that once was our group, our peers, our posy; a group of which we are no longer a part.  A group that defined us, our generation, our societal attitudes.  Now our group has matured and started their own mini-tribes, dissappating the group; leaving room for others to define their age and societal attitudes.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you this week’s, this beginning of summer’s top tune and top 40 chart.  Welcome to the new generation.  I warn you, it’s sexual, it’s sensual, it’s naked, soft-core porn; it’s today’s listeners’ music.  Enjoy!  I give you …Jason Derulo…singing, that great dance tune,“Want to Want Me

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