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The best foods and herbs to eat for a healthy brain is on all of our minds as we age. We fear dementia, cancer, ageing and the pain for ourselves and our family it causes. Through the years we have discovered that food and herbs are an incredible and time proven cure and prevention. We have read about new medicines and old cures. We have read until our eyes are blurry.  We have followed our favorite TV Drs., and our favorite newscasters for information as to what to do. Yet, for all of that reading, we are still new to this solution. One thing stands true, that the majority want to try to be healthy, so we’ll begin there; with the willingness to be healthy and the knowledge of the best foods and herb for a healthy brain.

herbs for a healthy brainAs always, we err on the side of nature. Better to be proactive and cure through nature first and then if that doesn’t work then to utilize modern pharmaceuticals.

During our research, we find that foods that are very rich in color are touted as the go-to foods-as-medicine for our brains.  What we learn is that it is the inflammation which becomes our detriment. The inflammation of our joints, we know about; the pain, the inability for motion, the cartilage grinding together from lack of use, the bones grinding together from too much use. The inflammation within our bodies genuinely not only cause aches and pains, but damage.

Imagine how your body feels internally when it is inflamed.

Are you paying attention to your ailments or are you blaming the ageing process?

What’s really to blame is the inflammation, and when it comes to your brain, there are foods to relieve that inflammation.

Here is a list of the top anti-inflammatory foods for a healthy brain:

The very best, top two spices that out-shine and out-number the amount of catalysts for inflammation are: cloves and peppermint.

Orange Juice (vitamin C)
Black olives  / Virgin Olive Oil
Artichoke heads
Red onions

Omega 3’s known for brain health are contained in the following.

Roasted Soy beans

Freshly Brewed coffee

Celery Seed
Cocoa Powder
Mexican Oregano

Please be aware that spices are higher in the nutrient necessary to promote anti-inflammation.

B3 vitamins

So then, we ask, why. Why are the deeply colored foods best for our brains?  It is because of the polyphenols, and the direct correlation to flavonoids. These polyphenols, in short, don’t directly fight against inflammation and free radicals. On the contrary, they seem to stimulate and upregulate the body’s natural defense (antioxidant) systems to attenuate damage.

Interestingly, this would mean that polyphenols become more beneficial when an individual has adverse health markers.

“Our aim was to assess whether consumption of antioxidant-rich foods in the Mediterranean diet relates to cognitive function in the elderly. “ from a study that further states: “Consumption of some foods was independently related to better cognitive function. The specific associations [regression coefficients (95% confidence intervals)] were: total olive oil with immediate verbal memory [0.755 (0.151–1.358)]; virgin olive oil and coffee with delayed verbal memory [0.163 (0.010–0.316) and 0.294 (0.055–0.534), respectively]; walnuts with working memory [1.191 (0.061–2.322)]; and wine with Mini-Mental State Examination scores [0.252 (0.006–0.496)]. Urinary polyphenols were associated with better scores in immediate verbal memory [1.208 (0.236–2.180)]. Increased consumption of antioxidant-rich foods in general and of polyphenols in particular is associated with better cognitive performance in elderly subjects at high cardiovascular risk. The results reinforce the notion that Mediterranean diet components might counteract age-related cognitive decline.”

Now, with studies and published papers, let’s move forward in a proactive manner by keenly understanding that brain health is directly associated with food intake; therefore, eating for proper brain health is our best ally. Don’t wait until chemicals must be introduced at an alarming intake, eat well and eat healthfully to possibly avoid Alzheimer’s.

You have the knowledge to not be a victim of Alzheimer’s, nor to put your family through such an ordeal. You owe it to yourself to eat well. Now you have concise information on the best foods and herbs to eat for a healthy brain

Anti-inflammatory catalysts and Omega 3 and Omega 6. Period. Brain Food. Great food for brain health.

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