Monday, August 15, 2022

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Boston’s USS Constitution, Sail the Tall Ship During the Thanksgiving Holiday!

By:  Sylvie Reitman

Bawstun, land of the pilgrims and the Freedom Trail and chowdaw!  What better time to visit Boston, than before the snowfall and the during the end of autumn. The time of year the leaves are almost gone, yet still clinging to the very core that breathed life into it.  Holding onto the beauty that was, relentless in slowly moving into the next season. A metaphor for Boston holding onto its rich history as is firmly planted in the world’s tomorrows with MIT; well as we, holding onto that which we know and is familiar, yet moving into our future along with the world around us.

The Thanksgiving Holiday is so very New England, and the tall ships in the harbor are so very interesting.

The USS Constitution is one tall ship that has been converted into a harbor touring living-museum.  A must visit in Boston.  It was the first naval ship and aptly named by President George Washington.  It’s nice to walk among its planks and see firsthand, and to imagine the freedom and the men who board this ship for the sake of the Americas.  After your tour of the harbor, which you can book online at Viator or our favorite Trip Advisor , the museum, next door is also worth visiting, as it houses the largest Constitution-related documents.

After the harbor tour, just a reminder to bring your fur, it is November! You will find so many options for entertainment, from a pub to a five star, to walk on Freedom trail.  The town is yours to explore for days!


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