Monday, August 15, 2022

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True wisdom comes from the overcoming of suffering and sin. All true wisdom is therefore touched with sadness.–Whittaker Chambers

Lest we forget – Remembering those we lost on September 11, 2001. In honoring their memory, we will remain true to our commitment to freedom and democracy.

Dear Readers,

As we approach the Fall Season we are once again reminded that change is forever constant. Just as nature sheds its older roots, so do we as humans. The purification process begins. The month ahead looks favorable, however as we approach Mercury retrograde we may begin to feel out of sorts as it creates mercurial confusion through speech, and everyday mental interaction. This particular period begins September 27, ending mid-October. The end of Summer, a turning point in our lives, change is in the air, hopefully all for the best!

New Moon in Virgo September 7, -affecting people born with planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces most significantly.This particular New Moon will affected matters revolving around healthcare, specifically speaking with regard to ourselves or with regard to the masses. Since Virgo rules the earth this is all about grounding, feeling more centered, providing service, charity and giving back.


The month opens up on September 20 , with the HARVEST FULL MOON transiting in the ethereal, sensitive, emotional sign of Pisces, emphasizing feelings, home, family and nostalgia in general. The question now is: what nurtures our soul? If we’re prone to extreme behaviors, this strong polarity of Pisces opposite the transiting Sun will reveal the addictive realities of our true nature as we begin to question ourselves. In other words, how do we use addictive behaviors to hide out from the deeper issues crawling up from the depths of the subconscious? This Full Moon in Pisces reinforces our ability to pay attention to our instincts, to dig deep, search from within.


It’s time to celebrate the Fall Equinox as Fall is upon us and the Sun moves into the partnership sign of Libra. Relax and take in the beauty. The focus now is about balance – finding your Zen, creating harmony through relationships. On the Solar Wheel, Fall is when planets begin their hibernation, which feels to many as bittersweet. It’s a season of partnerships, collaboration (LIBRA), the end of things (Scorpio), and quest for inspiration and seeking out (Sagittarius). This months Sun transit in Libra in sync with transiting Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius will create a feeling of balance

Mercury in retrograde from Sept 27 through October 18- rules all types of communication, including listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and buying. Mercury also rules all formal contracts and agreements, as well as important documents such as book manuscripts or term papers, agreements, deeds, contracts, leases, wills, and so forth.

Mercury doesn’t actually move backward. It moves closer to the earth, therefore disrupting various forms of communication. When a planet retrogrades, astrologically it is in a resting or sleeping state. Therefore, while Mercury slows down, all forms of communication shifts into a sleep-mode. Ideas, thoughts, chat tends to get scrambled, or spins out of control. Not a good time to make major decisions, or to have major surgery unless there is not a choice. Since it is occurring in the sign of Libra, which rules Venus, which governs beauty and partnerships. Plastic Surgery? Not at this time. Starting a new business, or forming a new relationship? Going on a dating site? No. Hold off until October 18 – if possible. Those born under Virgo, Gemini and Libra are most affected. However wherever Mercury falls into your own chart based on time of birth indicates where you are affected.



Aries ( March 21- April 20) – This month the focus is on career, partnerships, work and/or personal matters that need your attention. Hopefully working through unresolved matters and getting it right. More importantly taking a personal inventory, reestablishing healthier boundaries. More importantly reinventing yourself. During this time much can be said about patience and perseverance. In addition, taking heed when dealing with home/family related matters. Implement what needs to be done, but also taking time to listen.

Taurus ( April 21- May 21) Seeking out, answering questions, tapping in to your inner voice. Digging deep into where you need to be both personal and career wise. Setting necessary limits while allowing yourself to step out of the box and experience the changes,( though change can be difficult), you need to make. Trusting that your gut instincts will never falter. A good period to reestablish yourself with former friends/partners.

Gemini ( May 22-June 21) For the next few weeks or so, importance is placed on work, home and money. As always a need to do it all may cause you to feel overwhelmed and totally exasperated bu your need to fix everything and everyone.. It’s important to realize that during this cycle, you need to pace yourself while still accomplishing much needed/important tasks. Family and friends may be overwhelming, however it is up to you to set healthier guidelines.

Cancer (June 22-July 21) The framework of your life at this time seems to be focused on how you see yourself, and how those closest to you may be seeing you. Specifically speaking, partners, work or personal may be taking way too much of your personal time, however tit’s up to you to take the reigns and set limits. Allow yourself the necessary time to focus on your given priorities, while trying to remedy situations at hand. As you approach the end of the month, much of this anxiety will have cleared out. The stars are aligned and in your favor. Trust your instincts.

Leo ( July 24-Aug 23) So much of your heart depends on what you give to others, as well as your need to receive. This is clearly a time to focus on yourself, while paying close attention to personal needs and priorities that you shoulder. Changes are a definite, but much for the better as you embark on a new path career and personal related. In addition, take care when dealing with property or business matters. Read between the lines. But forge ahead, while staying on your path.

Virgo ( Aug 24-Sept 23)- It has been said that the secret of life is consistency, and you for one are always constant, methodical and precise. However, major planetary influences in your life signifies that one chapter in your life has now closed, now it’s on to the next chapter. Relationships, business and personal, during this time, may go through a major transition, it’s up to you to raise the bar. This is a strong cycle for you in which you you draw the line while maintaining a stance.

Libra ( Sep 24 Oct 23) Keep long term goals and perspectives well at hand, the knowledge that you gain during this cycle will allow you to accomplish anything you set your mind to. You’re actually in a pretty good cycle right now, a good time to get yourself back in the groove, personal and work wise. Also a good strong month to focus on financial obligations. It’s about getting yourself back on track.

Scorpio ( Oct 24- Nov 22) It’s all about letting go of matters, personal or otherwise that have held you back, and hopefully allowing yourself to move forward. This is about clarity on every level. Getting yourself situated, and in fine form, ready to meet any of the challenges ahead as the planetary movement at odds with your sign trigger anxiety, yet challenging with great results in the end.. Also, friendships may go through a turning point causing you to feel a bit more obligated than usual, maybe forcing you to back off for a while causing you to retreat back into your head space. Just stay in your lane, trust that all that you do is with great intentions.

Sagittarius ( Nov 23-Dec 21) This is actually a great period in your life as the planets favor you, both personal and career-wise. This is your time to actually take the bull by the horns and move ahead.. It’s all about you! You may actually have the presence of mind to make changes in the work place, a much needed feat. Also, your love life may shift a bit, as your tolerance level balances.

Capricorn ( Dec 21-Jan 20) A mixture of challenging yet interesting aspects are transiting your natal Sun, providing you with the wherewithal to make changes you should make. Specifically speaking, your monies may undergo a shift as you find yourself pulling from different resources. Your relationships may feel a bit unsettled causing you to question yourself. By the end of this month you will feel as though you are able to take any endeavor on.

Aquarius ( Jan 21-Feb 19)-Pay special attention to your own instincts, focus on what really matters. This can and will be a prosperous month for you as long as you walk the talk. A strong yet fruitful stage in your life is about to begin, more so in areas of family and job. It’s up to you to follow the path. It will lead you in the right direction. After October 19, a few things should settle down.

Pisces ( Feb 20- March 20) For many of you, this is a much need time for introspection, however, the influence of the planets in transit may have you twirling in so many different directions. This period will definitely force you out of your cocoon. Use this time to work on your creativity, focus on taking a better look at yourself and your partnerships. Use this time to your advantage to focus on your creativity and love connections.

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As we approach the Fall Season we are once again reminded that change is forever constant. Just as nature sheds its older roots, so do we as humans. The purification process begins. The month ahead looks favorable, however as we approach

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