Thursday, March 23, 2023

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Online Purchasing From Your Tablet, Mobile or Internet Device

By:  @MsMobileConverg

Harness the power of online purchasing with online coupons.  Access them through the internet on your mobile device, tablet or smartphone, or computer.

We are all familiar with coupons as something we clip from the newspaper or circulars, and most are still accessing these savings the old read-n-clip way.

There are new means of couponing, one of which is going directly to the couponing sites and typing in the store in which you are interested.  Many promo modules will come up, each with their own discounts, and if they worked, and when they were last accessed.  In these modules will be a promotional code, which you then copy and place in the space provided upon checkout in your cart. Your discount will then be applied.

Such top sites include:,, and the lucky devil who first bought the URL “coupons”!

So, before you checkout, especially during this holiday shopping season, check the coupon sites!

Happy harnessing the process of online purchasing!

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