Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Business Within the Housing Industry

By:  Ex-Officio Economic Development Chairman

Many are looking for their next employment, their next market, their next endeavor.  I say, look well within your own generation to find your next possible business venture.

One such business is, the housing industry’s “retirement”, multi-housing communities.  The boomer generation across the globe is the largest generation ever, they will put strains on standard industries such as healthcare, food, housing, etc.

This multi-housing need is different from the Leisure World’s of yesterday.  Today’s older seniors and elders have a different community need.  They are not from the WWII generation when the two bedroom post-war homes were popping up like daisies, and purchase power was new to all Americans; this generation, entering into the senior and elder realm, had it all within their reach and disposal.  They were given it all, and are now also wanting it all again; luxury, convenience, low-maintenance, entertainment, all within glorious architecture and glamorous fabrics.

Do you see yourself being able to understand the needs of this generation? The needs of this industry?  If you do, then the multi-unit housing developments, may be your next endeavor!

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