Monday, December 5, 2022

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By:  Ken Monroe
Always consult your doctor

Our polluted bodies are merely a reflection of our eating and lifestyles habits.

The number one killer is heart disease.

It is called heart disease but maybe it should be called the blood disease.

When the blood is not healthy, including its pathway, and your bloods’ pathway is narrowing, heart disease is the diagnosis.

How can we help ourselves from becoming a statistic.

Food.  Our food and its ingestion are within our control; and luckily survive and thrive within a closed system within our bodies.

There are a few key needs for the closed system to survive, yet people continue to starve their blood and arterial veins from being healthy.

Our blood needs oxygen and a place to flow.  If there is no exercise or water, to gain oxygen within the blood, and if there is inflammation to block the flow, heart disease is eminent; you have over-polluted your body.  Your body is so polluted that it is revolting.  Your food needs and lifestyle must change.

Exercise and fewer simple sugars; that’s what needs to be understood to change

Exercise gives your blood oxygen.

Simple sugars, such as breads and sugared drinks, juice and soda, are inflammatory agents.

Oxygen in our blood cells is necessary for the breakdown of sugars (categorized as glucose) into energy; and our brain requires oxygen for thinking. Energy is necessary for cell growth; therefore oxygen is ultimately necessary for all body cells.

Change which can be accomplished right now is within your immediate reach. Your food and walking in place.

Changing your food intake may be accomplished at your next meal by beginning with opposing the simple sugars by eating fruits and vegetable. Plain and simple, fruits and vegetables; and, such spices as cinnamon, hot peppers; and pathway-wall elasticity providers, olive oil, fish and nuts.  Each is excellent for your blood; which is ultimately great for our cells.

Exercise truly can be done anywhere.  Walking in place can easily be accomplished by standing wherever you are right now, and walking in place. Paddling your feet is fantastic for you and that requires sitting to paddle!

Polluting the body is the easy part, now that you are armed with the appropriate information becoming healthy is now also the easy part.

Good blood health is basic really, basic and sustaining.

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