Friday, July 1, 2022

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By:  Kendall Monroe


We, ourselves are the enemy, we ourselves are the eternal and internal chaos, that dally, hourly, takes our thoughts away.

After living for 30, 40 or 50 years or more our mind has only a few minutes of memory, and our perceptions of those memories clearly are ours to bear. Imagine, all of those years remembered in a matter of minutes.

Test yourself, how long your thoughts last; test yourself how far your mind can travel. Test yourself as if flying over the clouds, free as a bird, soaring and most importantly, allow your mind over the clouds. The next person might say you’re going soft, you’re losing your mind, but are you? Are you really? Or are you removing a personal oppression of space? What is the truth of the ability to relax?  What is the truth about our thoughts?

Can you tell me your truth?

Can you command your thoughts to reflect your life in more than 3 minutes, can you? I bet you can’t, and when you find yourself flying over the clouds it will be on a plane, because we are the ones that hold our minds and thoughts as slaves and we only allow minimum outcomes, oppressive outcomes, mindless and thoughtless outcomes; and in our minds we believe we need to create a war of a revolution to free ourselves from the eternal and internal bondage. When we will find a common truth that’s that suits all of us equally more than 3 minutes long. At times I find myself removed and daydreaming that I’m flying over the clouds and then I’m finding myself seated in a chair somewhere.  Was I dreaming, or was I in a different space or time?  Mentally and visually, I was not where my body was. Was it a dream or I truly was flying, it felt real and my truth tells me that the feeling was real for me. Merely allowing myself to take my thoughts so far away from my oppression is relieving.

Knowing my truth, trying to remove the chaos, the noise the distractions is removing our own oppression. We need to be proactive instead of reactive, we need to follow our own drumbeat instead of the beat of another. We need our own thoughts and gain our own freedoms and when our minds are free, we don’t need a revolution or fight for something.

 Is there another world where no revolution is needed to gain freedom? Is there a place where I can be free to live, think, exist in mind, spirit or body without the consequences of someone oppressing my ideas, my thoughts and enslave my mind for a purpose other than their truth? A place that will be transparent and easily accepted by who we are, instead of what we think we are? Is there a time that lasts forever and we don’t have or need to have only a couple of minutes of thoughts, but rather an eternity of mind? Where the flow only ceases when we refocus our thoughts?

Our lives often seem to be an imaginary state of mind.  Close your eyes and imagine all your life and your thoughts will end in approximately 2 to 3 minutes and no matter how old in years, your whole life was only 2 or 3 minutes of time in your mind.

If we open our minds and thoughts to more conscious freedoms, if we stop oppressing ourselves, if we listen to our own truths, maybe, just maybe our thoughts will be more open and our remembrances will last longer, be more appreciated, calm us, drive us for betterment and better self-freedoms.

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