Saturday, January 22, 2022

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Men Who Are Fathers, Sons and Brothers

By: Irene Smythe

I watched him tell her how and when to breathe. I’ve watched him nurture and cuddle. I’ve watched him wave goodbye with a broken heart. I’ve watched my brother become a man many times over.

I remember when he used to help drive me to my accelerated algebra classes and let me tag along to the beach and that time when he stuck up for me with a crazy college professor. I loved admiring him and watching him turn into a man.

When he became a Father, it was especially exciting. I knew he would make the best Father in the World. He had absolutely no idea what Fatherhood was, but he had definite ideas of what Fatherhood should be, and what he envisioned with his family. And he has made the best Father in the world. He’s also made the best man in the world.

He gives to his community. He gives to his neighbors. He has an extremely healthy sense of self-respect, and he adores his wife. I think that says a lot about a man and the decisions he’s made. If he’s been honest with himself, he’ll do all right, but one false, long-term lie and your entire life could be down a path never imagined.

I would have chosen the exact same woman for him to marry.

They are matched to the tee and have an understanding about life and one another. Plus the fact that he would do anything for her, and he believes that what she thinks and feels is important. Now, that’s a man.

Also, he has very loving children. They’re messy, but oh well. I’m certain they will earn enough money to hire a maid. They are kind and concerned with their fellow man. But they also don’t take any “guff” from any one. They may be quiet, but they have definite limits and cannot be pushed around. Now those are life skills, which are taught by Parents.

I’ve watched my brother go from fending off the many, many “popular” girls to picking up his little girl and her friends for a slumber party. Now, that takes a man.

I’ve watched the tears and sorrow and new family position take hold when our Father died. I watched him hold up and reach out and become even more of a man.

I watched the videos of him delivering his children. Now, that was crazy, but he took it like a man and was thrilled each time like a new Father should be, time and time and time and time again.

I watched him question the school district, question the local growers, aid in the growth of the community and participate in life, just a man should.

I watched him buy the most expensive bar-b-que and hook the biggest fish and tell the biggest fish stories. It’s my pleasure to watch him be a man, because the Fatherhood angle comes without question or loss to his man-husband-brother ways.

He is a man and because of who he is, has become a Father. He has risen to the occasion with flying colors and has gained the loving respect of his family and close friends. His commitment and dedication to himself has proven to be quite worthwhile, for all of us.

He’s a great man and great brother and judging by the 1,000 sq. foot addition to his home, a great husband and provider.

I celebrate him on Father’s Day and call him every year.

I wish there were a Brother’s Day. I’d celebrate him then too.

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