Friday, July 1, 2022

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By: FINALLY! Magazine Fashionista Paola Venetti


Fashion: the Annie Hall look

Spring is here and we have the mature spring fashion 2019!

Gone are the below temperatures of freezing, the mandatory fire for that extra warmth and in marches the wonderment of the cool breeze and early morning light.

Within that new morning light raises the rays of hems and cottons freshly flowing in the afternoon breezes, appreciated by tea and great conversation.

This spring’s fashions are free and feminine, extremely reminiscent of the Annie Hall days, the 70’s of shirtdresses and over-sized men’s jackets and Marrakesh.

So hit the thrift stores like you did in your younger years and free-up your 80’s corset, you know the drill, it’s hung in your closet. Gone are the rules of only wearing a fashion trend once!  Don your best men’s clothes and walk with pride!

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