Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Let’s Talk Tinctures and Powders

By:  Kendall Monroe

As we age and seek the fountain of youth, scratch that, as we try to just get up and keep going, we turn to vitamins and mineral herbal supplements, and liquid or capsule herbal supplements.  One of my personal and local favorites is Dr. Schulze.

Our bodies need help due to aging and due to our past and present lifestyle.  Knowing that, the question becomes, liquid or capsule herbal supplements, as we have already decided that the pharmaceuticals are not our first choice, but our desperate choice.

There are many natural means for centuries which have solved ailments, and what’s old is new again.  The main ailment for supplements, besides vitamins, is high blood pressure.

We know that high blood pressure numbers are the key to our heart health, which means no heart attack.

With the knowledge of cayenne, ginger, cinnamon and hawthorn, we are filled with information from our favorite natuapath medicine and now, the choice becomes liquid or capsule herbal supplements.

Since absorption is key, it logically comes to mind that the liquid would have the immediacy and the potency.  In an oil based tincture the liquid has nothing but the purity of the human body through which to travel; making the need for those enormous pill-type supplements obsolete…well, for they who can tolerate the tinctures.

Often tinctures are tasteful, and some are quite hot, such is the case with the aforementioned.

If you mix the tincture with water to dilute and toss it to the back of your throat like a cowboy takin’ a whiskey, in 3 sips it’s activating within your body.

Whilst the body’s preference would be tincture, if it’s not for your body, then by all means use the pill-type.

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