Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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august gardenias in september beauty for senior citizens and babyboomers indoors!

Even though it’s September, ‘August Gardenias’ are still in bloom!

This fragrant jasmine variety is purchasable on line, so there’s no need to pine for it.  Some of the gardenias are sold in seed form, 4” pot form, and gallon sized .  Be certain to read the description to know which one you are purchasing, because you want to be able to have blooms on your August gardenias in September!

Fill your house with this delightfully fragrant bloom, no matter your growing region.  The hearty plant lives wonderfully inside as well as outside. Whether you are in a warm southern climate or a zero degree northern climate, this sturdy, waxy, fragrant flower can be yours

It likes to be watered just a couple of times a week, and enjoys a well-drained, acidic soil, indirect sunlight and shade.  It’s does not do well is harsh 24/7 sun, as its waxy flower will and thick leaves will attest to the need for water and shelter from all harsh elements.


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