Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Lemons are a wondrous fruit.  First spotted in Asia and ancient Italy, and brought to the United States via Christopher Columbus, this delightful fruit is still and mainly cultivated in China, Italy and Mexico.

This fruit is grown in groves and “farmed” as any other fruit tree.  Suseptible to freeze and drought, these brightly colored, fragrant trees produce a waxy blossom and juicy fruit sections and rinds which are all dependent upon plenty of water and a caring farmer.  Their groves are a delight to all who walk the paths, and the kind farmer who allows lemon tours is truly a gracious host!

One such farm and farmer is located in Italy.  In the Almafi region of Italy, the Aceto family will graciously grant you a lemon tour and then open their house for you to learn a delightful recipe or two.

The lemon tour consists of their generational groves, lemon education and tasting, and then, if you’d like, off to the kitchen to prepare feasts created from lemons and friendships created from the passion of the love of farming.

The lemons are glorious and dangle off of pergolas made of tree branches to help to hold the weight of these incredible fruits.  Terraced on the hills of this Italian coast, it is hard to believe that such glorious production even exists, but it does and it is ripe with the love of the land and the dedication and love of the family business.

The Aceto family lemon grove is a marvelous “local” attraction and a change of pace from the usual sand and sea atmosphere of this beautiful Cliffside city.  The family is gracious, the lemons are pristine and the atmosphere is intoxicating.

Book this lemon tour via a local tour guide or visit TripAdvisor and experience a new Italian passion!

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