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June 2017 Astrological Forecast…

The summer night is like a perfection of thought. ~Wallace Stevens

Dear Readers,

As the season warms up into a summer sizzle, the pool, the lake and the beach are the destination of choice for most. It’s time to forget our woes and concentrate on next few months of summer fun. Astrologically speaking, we’re in a good place. As always the planet influences can trip us up now and then, but it is the Free Will which is the highest law of the universe. So keep simple and have fun…

SUN IN GEMINI – Let’s frolic!

The restless, lively and curious Gemini Sun always in the quest for new ideas and know-how. Whatever we do to celebrate this Sun Influence we should enjoy ourselves, get out of our comfort zone, be venturesome, and try something bold. This particular Sun in opposition to transiting Saturn, trine Jupiter, is all about movement, not sitting around but getting up and making things happen. It ignites your inner being, bringing out the other side of your child-like twin self. For those born under Sagittarius, feel the energy. Those born under Gemini, it’s all about you. Pisces and Virgo, work matters may be chaotic, however it’s time for a change in atmosphere.

FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS JUNE 9 – Keep emotions in check !

This particular Full Moon is energetically positive with a sort of .Pollyannish feel to it. Though a fire sign, with an intense force, its vibration remains positive and receptive. All four mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius are ignited by this Full Moon’s vibe. Changes will be quick and arbitrary, though in a mutable sign will be flexible and yielding. Sagittarius is the sign of the seeker; aim your arrow ahead into the future. and find what you need to be aiming for. Ruled by Jupiter, it is also positive and believes that everything, including these rapid-fire, unexpected changes, happen for a reason. Full Moons are revealing, and this particular one may help you see the big picture of your life or particular situations in your life. It may become clear that life changes are necessary

NEW MOON IN CANCER JUNE 23 – Time to get rid of some old clothes –
Always a new start, a fresh beginning. New moons signify a new cycle, and rebirth. This New Moon, along with the Sun (also in Cancer) will highlight the watery Cancer qualities of imagination and dreams, family and home. Also this particular Full Moon will trigger changes in the work place for those born under Cancer,Libra, Aries and Capricorn. Specifically speaking as it creates a square to transiting Jupiter, the planet of luck, it may bring about much needed change. However this change in the end will be most favorable.

JUPITER DIRECT ON JUNE 9, 2017 – YEAH! I have been stifled too long, time to play!
The planet Jupiter the benefic of the zodiac, rules the sign of Sagittarius, and is considered to be a co-ruler of the sign of Pisces. It rules abundance and opportunity. By nature it is lucky, munificent and bountiful.. It also lends itself to spirituality, and higher learning through education or religion. In a retrograde motion, there is a restriction, it feels less expansive taking on a more repressed state. However moving direct on June 9, it regains its power and those born under Sagittarius, and Libra ( because it is transiting in the sign of Libra, you will feel its effect), it releases itself and the transit is now in its full glory. Also, wherever it falls into your birth chart will influence where it has affected you to the most.

In its natural ruling planet, Venus in Taurus is enchanting. It brings out the sophistication of the planets heated vibration. For those born under Taurus, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn, Scorpio, and Pisces you will be inspired.


The‘mental clarity, vibration’ or awareness of what is going on in your life will amplify quite a bit when Mercury the planet of thought, enters Gemini on June 6. Depending on your time of birth, where it will settle in your natal chart will determine its importance. Whether it’s your thoughts which are split here (should I do this…or that?) or your interests are divided…or you are feeling ever more left behind OR wanting not to have to deal with those who aren’t “like” you (or in favor of what you like)…that’s the first big defining qualifier of the moment.

Mercury, in Gemini opposite transiting Saturn can also cause you to feel questionable when it comes to decisions of most kinds. However Perception is the key.


Mars, the planet of action, moving into the Moon-ruled sign of Cancer brings out the sensitive nature in all of us. In addition, as it moves in to Cancer, emotions as well as motivation are activated. We find passion in everything we do.


Aries ( March 21-April 20) –The transiting Sun this month in social Gemini indicates a time of deep emotional and mental expression, and with the Full Moon on June 9, traveling through your area of higher aspirations, the sky is the limit. Also, for the next few weeks or so,focus is placed on the home front as Mars, the planet of motion, travels in your inner sanctuary. Good things happen when you manifest the positive.

Taurus ( April 21-May 21)-With Summer around the around the corner time to get out and step out of your inner circle, try changing your stance, take a leap of faith. Also, with the Sun traveling in your money house you may have a sudden desire to express some good will. Though it’s also a good week to get yourself back on track financially, maybe do some therapeutic spending for yourself. Indulge but be careful. Be generous, but aware. Also with Mars in sync to your own sign, a great month for personal expression, choose your passion, writing,and/or cooking.

Gemini ( May 22-June 21)-Family and friends may notice the sudden shift in your demeanor as the sun now transiting in your own sign accentuates your happy-go lucky, chatty, nature Good things happen when you manifest the positive. .Also with the Full Moon on June 8, traveling in your area of partners, you may have a sudden urge to express yourself through emotions. A good period to shout it out, vocalize while paying attention to your inner voice.

Cancer ( June 22-July 23)- This month the Sun in Gemini traveling through that private sector of your chart known as the 12th house places importance on your inner thoughts. A good cycle/week to release, while moving forward, embracing a sense of rebirth. Also spending time with family and friends over the next weekends can add to a sense of wholeness, and can be healing in the process.. Make it your month to seek out, but work from within.

Leo ( July 24-Aug 23)-You may find yourself a bit more communicative & introspective this week, opening yourself up in ways that you never thought you could. . Feeling less encumbered, more social so to speak as the Sun enhances your Sun’s energy. Also, as the Sun moves into your area of friendships you find yourself more open to rekindling old friendships. It’s all about a sense of belonging, as well as renewal.

Virgo ( Aug 24-Sept 23)- As the sun travels over the Zenith part of your chart, career/work matters always take precedence. You may see yourself a bit more industrious this week, taking on more than you anticipated. However in the end, it’s the results that count. In addition, with Saturn and the transiting at odds with your own sign, you see yourself questioning most things. Mainly speaking, personal relationships, as well as career options as noted. However, it’s best to remain neutral, make changes if necessary after mid-August.

Libra ( Sept 24-Oct 23) – Although you are a romantic at heart, this week signifies your need to become more grounded and more in–tuned to yourself. This may be your opportunity month for dealing with pressures that have left you burned out. Great cycle for introspection, but also for being pro-active in matters that need your immediate attention. Matters of the heart will fall together, it’s all about timing.

Scorpio ( Oct 24-Nov 22)- With most Scorpio’s money is always the key, As your financial juices are flowing you may see yourself more alert to what is going on around you, Prosperity being the end result, knowing you, it’s a die-hard situation as you leave no stone unturned.. You’re on the lucky side this month, you just don’t know it yet. It’s all about paying attention, and being clear with agreements,

Sagittarius ( Nov 23- Dec 21)- Love a definite plus, business/work situations needs more attention and are highlighted this month. It’s all about networking, and paying close to those that don’t always have your best interest at heart. However, as always you will fare well. Time to shift into first gear, be well aware that this time signifies a period for you to focus on yourself and trusting your inner voice.

Capricorn ( Dec 22-Jan 20) – As disciplined as you are, sometimes you just need to take it a step further. This month, with planets in sync to your own sign, specifically Pluto and Saturn, success is at your finger tips. Although, as with anything else, timing is essential. Also with the Sun in your 6th house, fitness and taking care of your body, not only your soul is mandatory to staying on the right path. A good month to intensify your discipline. Work matters seem pressing, but in the end it always pays off.

Aquarius ( Jan 21-Feb 19)- This month, you may see yourself bit overwhelmed with family and friends as you seek to find a happy medium. Your sense of obligation can be tiring at time, however the meaning you place on it is your own. Nonetheless, with the Sun now in your 5th house of fun, it can be a time to relax and take it all in. In addition, though you’re not always about money, , as opposed to the success of getting it, this can be a prosperous month for you financially.

Pisces ( Feb 20- March 20)- With the Sun moving in to your sanctuary, nesting with family and friends can be a much needed respite. Time to unwind, prepare for summer. Purge away by getting rid of things, objects and projects that have needed your immediate attention. In addition, Saturn the your mid-heaven may be prompting you to pay more attention to work details. It’s a tug and pull, but you need to find a happy center.

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