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Like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dear Readers,

The month of July takes us to the heart of summer. It asks us to balance ourselves between passion and logic, heart and soul. Balancing the heat of the Sun, as well as the passion that takes place in our own hearts. A good month to rejoice after Mars retrograded for 3 months. Now as we relax, we take it all in.

July 4 – HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA. Independence day New Moon Cancer – One of my favorite times of the year — the Summer Solstice! This is the New Moon of the year that is absolutely gorgeous and exuberant with LIFE. This New Moon marking the Summer Solstice is occurring at the crucial first degree of a sign so we are being asked to take some action! That particular action is to be kind to ourselves and protect ourselves (do not read that as over-protect!!) by being LOVING and KIND to ourselves. We are also to extend it to others. We are to do this actively by surrounding ourselves with loving people and situations.

This Sun/Moon conjunction in Cancer is in exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn exactly opposes this Cancer New Moon and will be happy to introduce us to all of our shortcomings, especially in how we are managing our lives and resources. A good week to set time aside as to get yourself back on track if need be.

July 19 Full Moon in Capricorn – Wisdom at its best.

On this day emotions may flare, however they may appear to be more self contained as the Full Moon in Capricorn is all about structure and maintaining a level of control.

Emotionally, however, during this time we have been doing a lot of purging, eliminating things, or even people from our lives that no longer serve out higher good. A lot of self awareness, and self-exploration. More than likely, we have come to realize what we need, and what we want and the differences behind the meaning. A sense of clarity emerges during this cycle. It is like a beacon of light shining in to our darkest place, our shadow, and turning the lights back on. .

Mars, the planet of drive & motivation – now direct.

Mars now direct in Scorpio – moving back into Sagittarius – When Mars moves direct it assumes all control, pushing all boundaries, fearless, fiery and full of motivation and mischief. As Mars continues in a direct motion, it expresses itself through freedom, seeking out, spiritual and philosophical pursuits.

Venus in Cancer until July 12 moves into romantic Leo

While Venus is in Cancer – focus is primarily on security, family, and nesting. However Venus in Cancer can be passionate in a more sedate fashion, often expressing its love through food, or comfort. In addition, Venus in Cancer expresses love comes in a form of sensitivity and privacy. Public displays of affection are often unheard of. Also, it’s transit in Cancer opposite Pluto cannot be easy as it brings to light much needed changes that may occur around us. Those born under Cancer, Aries and Libra are most affected.

However on the flip side, as as Venus, the Love Goddess sashays into Leo on July 12 -watch for dramatic breakups not to mention grandiose hook-ups, or sudden unexpected love affairs to surface. Venus in Leo is bold and beautiful, loud in attitude and the desire to thrill seek is strong during this transit. So gambling, chance-taking, quickie love affair are all indicators. Although where Venus falls in to your chart will be the determining factor. This based on your time of birth.

Mercury moves in Leo on July 13 conjunct transiting Venus in Leo –

The mind as well as the body and spirit may be willing. With Mercury conjunct Venus in transit, and Saturn in Sagittarius you have a nice little setup here for being creative, romantic and totally expressive in an out-of-the-box situation. Fire sign drama is well indicated as communication can get very heated. Signaling a time to speak from the heart and make yourself heard loud and clear.
Leo is one of the most entertaining and high-impact zodiac signs, so we can expect a lot of humor, laughter and bold statements, but also a few temper tantrums and some drama during this time.


ARIES – ( March 20- April 19)- Life can be a bit easier this month now that Mars has moved into a direct motion. Specifically speaking, your money situation should improve, and matters revolving around the home base, selling, buying, or home improvement may take place quicker than you anticipated. You priorities may have drifted off for a while, but now you’re back! Focus is clear and having a plan of action will definitely steer you in the right direction.

TAURUS – ( April 20- May 20)- With Mars now direct in Scorpio occupying your area of relationships, two things may occur. One, you will feel less encumbered by partners both work and personal. Two,you may be more inclined to create resolution, to fix or resolve matters that have left you hanging Alleviating the stress is a good sign and a good indication that you are on the right track. Also a good time to set yourself in motion with regard to making changes at work.

GEMINI ( May 21- June 20) – Planning or doing? Now that Mars is in a direct motion in your area of fitness it’s time to jumpstart your health regimen. A good solid week to focus on yourself placing more importance on yourself. Bemuse yourself in making sure everything is to your satisfaction before you actually get started. Also a great period to start up a chat group, or to communicate with someone that needs some transparency.

CANCER -( June 21 – July 20)- With most Cancers, it is always about getting the job down. Finding new projects, always keeping busy. You can go from zero to sixty in a flash as you always strive to do for others with no down time.. Now that Mars is direct it would serve your best interest to actually “serve your best interest” and do for yourself. Focus on your confidence, and grab on as you see yourself feeling more in touch with things that may be more personal to you. Quick taking the hit.

LEO -( July 22 – Aug 22)- With Mars finally direct you will be mildly surprised by the simplicity of what is happening around you. For example your inner cauldron continues to shine as you find yourself suddenly focused on things and situations that were of no interest in the past. Your sense of purpose suddenly emerges and it’s all good. Also, as the month progresses, you may see yourself totally unflappable, totally in control, yet stepping way out of your comfort zone. .

VIRGO – ( Aug 23- Sept 22)-As with most Virgo’s it’s all about analyzing, taking things apart and putting them back together. A true technician at heart. This can be your month to create a positive plan of action directly focused on personal or work related matters. The outcome is all about progress and getting things done in a fashionable time. Also, a great month to take stride in accomplishing any left over tasks that have your name on it.

LIBRA – ( Sept 23- Oct 22)- It’s all about security, financial control and making sure everything that you do is always in balance. This month as you regain yourself both socially as well as security wise, you may feel a profound sense of accomplishment. Life has been a bit out of whack the last few months, but that was then and this is now. So rejoice in the fact that you are back in the swing of things.

SCORPIO – ( Oct 23- Nov 21)- The best way to describe what is happening is that you may feel invigorated. Your engine is revving to meet the challenges ahead, and you’re ready to rock and roll. Specifically speaking, your personal needs/ self versus your desire to please others, specifically partners both work and play. As situations begin to percolate on a much deeper level, you may find yourself more in-tuned, less encumbered.

SAGITTARIUS – ( Nov 22- DEC 20) As Mars now traveling through the private sector of your chart is now direct, some normalcy, or clarity kicks in.. You may suddenly have a plan to relinquish any past and negative ties. Now it is time to clean out, and move forward embracing what is in front of you, as opposed to what had been lurking behind. It’s all about embracing the freedom of not holding on any longer.

CAPRICORN -( DEC 21- Jan 19) Life can suddenly turn hectic and you find yourself busier than ever trying to put fires or just restoring stability. The greatest challenge you may feel is marshaling your energy in the right direction. It’s a great time to amp yourself up, hey your energy channeled in the right direction.

AQUARIUS – ( Jan 20- Feb 18)- As Mars moves direct at the zenith part of your chart, your career achievement through work/goals is well indicated. The push to finally get yourself back in sync, to finally move forward instead of lingering is now. Also, a great cycle for opening the door to more awareness in the work place. A great week to plan, then move forward instead of procrastinating.

PISCES – ( Feb 19 – March 19 )- As a true Pisces you’re always striving for your higher good. Mentally as well as emotionally it’s always in your best interest to keep those instincts brewing. This week as Mars moves forward thoughts are clear, the road is paved with new ideas and your inspiration may suddenly resurface.

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