Monday, December 5, 2022

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Baby Boomers and Senior Citizens…It’s All in Your Mind!
Reframe your brain, change your mindset

By:  Aron Neelie

Reframe your brain, change your mindset

As the 55 plus, the aging generation x, baby boomers and senior citizens, it’s more readily true, to have a difficult time coping and adjusting, in some way, with our environment.

The way we feel, begins in our mind. The way we react begins in our mind, and additionally, is a result of our personal history.

The world and the physical environment, in which we live, is the same for all of us. The same countries are at war; our neighborhoods are the same for each house on the block. Yet, each of us feels differently, and reacts differently when distress enters our day.  Our behaviors about major life changing events or everyday path changing events affect us, others around us and our personality.

If you find yourself trying to” make it through”, or “muddle” through your day and are using words like this to describe your days, it may be time to change your mind.  Change your mindset.  Change the way you frame things, including your distress, by changing the larger picture of how you feel.

When you feel that distress come upon you. Stop.  Acknowledge it for a few minutes, then think a positive thought of something progressive that you can do.  Then on your way to do it, notice that you have not brought importance to that which has distressed you, but rather decidedly have rescheduled, and reshuffled the importance of the information. Go do something that is productive and has a positive impact.  Notice that the world did not stop, fall apart or change.  Everything is the same around you, and you are not negatively impacting anyone or any deeds by having a bad attitude or complaining or turning down a wrong path.

The mind is a powerful.  It can create war or it can create peace.

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