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Jan 2018 – Welcome

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. ~Oprah Winfrey

Change is constant throughout the universe. The infinite cosmos in all its glory provides us with a clear understanding that beneath it all, there are reasons for all that exists. Always remember life is always in a constant motion, moving forward, not sitting still. Staying active, and feeling motivated by life and with the knowledge that we have made it another year. Letting go of the ugliness of politics, and seeking our own truths, that is our reality.

Let’s ring in 2018 on a positive note, although the retrogrades hitting us, which means the planets move closer to the earth, creating more of an intense vortex of energy and influence, triggering delays in certain aspects of our lives. Manifest the good, and the good will appear.
Highlights –

~Jupiter, the planet of luck and prosperity, now in the Venus-ruled, solid,Pluto-ruled sign of Scorpio will no doubt help to shift our economical structure as it harmonizes with transiting Pluto, hopefully bringing balance and synchronicity to all concerned. In addition, the sign of Scorpio is all about “unearthing” what needs to be dug up. This relates to finances; embezzlement, money being laundered, as well as issues of a more delicate matter, primarily sexual harassment issues. This is “cleaning-up”transit. In addition to all of this, our intimate relationships may undergo clear and positive changes with regards to how we interact with one another. For many of us, good intentions, clear agreements hold the key.

~Full Moon on Jan 1, 2017 – In its home sign of Cancer, its natural placement – Those born under Cancer and Capricorn may feel its affect. During this Full Moon, step up to your feelings, begin the year with good intentions. Nestle in, be with friends and family.
New Moon in Capricorn – Jan 16, 2017 – A Capricorn New Moon gets down to the basics, no time for frivolities. It’s all about taking time out for structure, being full responsible with clear intentions, while stabilizing oneself. Good time to amend, good time to make a list and follow through.

~Super Moon – Jan 31, 2017 in Leo – How to shine the best? Closer to the earth than any other Full Moon – Our emotions may be out of whack so it’s important to stay centered. The intensity is impacted by issues of extreme weather conditions, volcanic eruptions. Those affected the most are Cancers, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus. Others may feel the vibration, where it is aspected, based on their times of birth
2018 – Retrograde Highlights

~ Mercury, the planet of communication transiting in Aries at odds with transiting Saturn & Mars, both in Capricorn, in retrograde from March 23 through April 15, 2018. This triggers communication issues, as well as feeling mentally out of sorts. Most forms of communication are affected. *Gemini’s and Virgo’s are influenced as Mercury is the ruling planet.*Those born under Libra, Capricorn, Cancer and Aries are influenced as well because of the sign in transit/retrograde *However based on the time of birth will indicate where it is falling in your individual birth chart.

~ Jupiter, the planet of abundance, transiting in Scorpio, retrograding March 9, till July 11.
*Those born under Sagittarius are affected since Jupiter is your ruler. *However those born under Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio are also affected.

*For others, based on your time of birth will signify its influence.
Mars, the planet of action, retrograde in the sign of Aquarius from June 26 through August 28, however moving backwards into Capricorn August 15, turning direct August 28).

*Those mainly affected are Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus, as well as those born under Aries, since Mars is the ruler *And since it will move back into Capricorn on August 15, those born under Capricorn, Libra and Cancer can be influenced. *In addition, depending on your time of birth will determine its influence as to how it falls in to your birth chart.

~Venus, the planet of partners, retrograde, in Scorpio October 4, 2018 through November 16, 2018.
*Those born under Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio are mainly affected. However, wherever it falls in to your birth chart depends on the time of birth.


~Aries ( March 24-April 20) – With so many influences taking place at the zenith part of your chart, the Full Moon on Jan 1, 2018, as well as the transiting Sun in Capricorn triggers enthusiasm, a given opportunity to accomplish tasks that have been left behind. So, for the next year or so you may see yourself climbing the ladder towards career goals and aspirations. Also, a transiting Jupiter now in your area of finance provides you with a positive approach to money matters you may see yourself more inclined to get yourself back on track. 2018 is your year for financial and career success.

~Taurus ( April 21-May 21) – As you struggle with change and your desire for routine and consistency is huge, starting the New Year off you may be more inclined to shift yourself in to a new direction, getting out of your comfort zone. Specifically, part of which relates to partnerships as well, both work and home. Your tolerance level will be less, but your ambition to correct whatever needs to be changed is intense This can and will be a year as you see yourself more in sync with where you not only need to be, but where you want to end up.

~Gemini ( May 22-June 21) -As you ring in the New Year, it’s all about fitness, getting in to shape and taking stock of yourself, and listening to your body’s signals. In addition, emotionally, this can be your year to gain more control over matters that have left you in pieces. Partnerships, for example, both work and personal. Now is the time to move forward, harvest the lessons, and work from the inside out. Getting back on your path…

~Cancer ( June 22-July 23) – With a planets in opposition, the New Moon, the transiting Sun,you may find yourself delving deep inside to rid yourself of old patterns that have left you struggling. Your safety net has always been your home, so use this as your anchor while you focus on work as well as family related matters. Also, a new cycle in your life opening up may allow closure to old wounds. Its’ a process, with rewards. Matters of the heart reward you.

~Leo ( Leo July 24-Aug 23) – As Jupiter the planet of opportunity transits your area of home for the next 10 months or so, you find yourself intensely involved with your inner surroundings. This can relate to revamping, renovating, or even preparing for a move. In addition to all of this with this months New moon taking place in your are of health and fitness, your desire to get in shape is well indicated. Also the Full Moon taking place on January 1st allows for mental clarity & enclosure.

~Virgo ( Aug 24-24-Sept 23) – now that Saturn has moved into earthy Capricorn you may find yourself less flustered and more in sync with the energies at hand. In addition, transiting Jupiter now in balance to your own sign favors work opportunities, as well as partnerships. This could be your year to accomplish most of what you set out to do. In addition to this the Full moon on January 1st transiting your fifth house opens the door to speculation, as well as love related matters. This could be your year to shine!

~Libra ( Sept 24-Oct 23) – Emotions may run high this year as both the New Moon on the 16th, and transiting Saturn hovering over the zenith part of your chart, sheds light on work opportunities. Also, expect the Full Moon in your home base on Jan 1, to amplify emotions. However with Saturn the planet of structure, now in the sign of Capricorn you may see yourself more in tuned to making career decisions that you have held off for a while.. A good year to create a set plan, them implement.

~Scorpio ( Oct 24-Nov 22)- Now that Saturn the planet of application has moved into the sign of Capricorn in total sync with your own sign you find yourself less anxious and more in control. In addition to this your area communication is highlighted as both the new Moon and the Full moon ? accent you. A good year to venture out both physically as well as mentally, stepping out of your comfort zone.

~Sagittarius ( Nov 23-Dec 21) – This is your year when you finally take stock of your finances, gaining more control with regard to your every day situation. In addition to all of this career and work related matters seem to blossom this year, as you see yourself more in sync with your everyday plan. Personal relationships seem to be in balance., Good year to celebrate

~Capricorn ( Dec 23-Jan 20) – With both Saturn and the New Moon which occurs on Jan 16, taking place In your own sign you be stricken with a sudden desire to climb even higher than intended. This is your year where you finally pull it all together, initiating progress to a higher degree.. In addition to all of this Jupiter and Scorpio in sync to your own sign is the cherry on top of the sundae as it helps you to facilitate every aspect of your life specifically with regard to money and work obligations. Saturn, in your own sign teaches you what you already know, but to higher level.

~Aquarius ( Jan 21-Feb 19) – As a year starts off pretty favorably you find yourself more in sync to cleaning out past mindset, letting go of past situations that have held you down. This is your year to see and be the changes you want in yourself. Both financially as well as emotionally. The new moon on January 16 in the area of your 12 house is all about mental clarity while the Full Moon occurring on January 1 in your area of health provide you with the wherewithal to take stock of your physical needs.

~Pisces ( Feb 20- March 20) -Both Saturn and Jupiter in sync to your own sign allows you to blossom and feel less restricted as you’ve experienced within the last 2 1/2 three years. In addition to all of this, the new moon and full moon create a nice little trine to your own sun energy. This can be a good year for you to get your creative juices going. Also a good year to take stock when it comes to financial means.

Predicting the future use in the horoscope is one of the traditional uses of astrology, it goes back thousands of years. Horoscopes are still used by millions today as a reliable guide and forecasting tool for future trends and tendencies. Astrology shows the stars and planets are map of our personalities, it is what we call our “cosmic” code. It also explains how the world is regular and predictable, up to a point. A horoscope containing an astrological forecast explains these trends into a context, with regard to our own personal destiny’s. In light of the strategy does not teach a fatalistic view of the world. Within the environment indicated by the stars as shown in the horoscope, we have considerable freedom to move and make decisions, according to our character and circumstances. As I have always said, “Free Will is the higher law of the universe”, and astrology is a wonderful tool. Janet Amid

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