Friday, September 30, 2022

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The Ageing Body's Evolution


By: Kendall Monroe


Our ageing body’s evolution.

It’s good to age. It shows a certain amount of successful survival techniques.  Living in a youth culture society can be difficult if you do not embrace the body’s ageing evolution.  If you have fallen prey to our mainstream culture, you may be avoiding your body’s signals; which like any structure, if not taken care of, and repaired, you may end up replacing.

Admit to the ageing body and then do something about it. Care for it. Fix it.  Think positively and reframe the way you think about important aspects of your life, such as your ageing body’s evolution.

Allow your body to respect all that it has endured.  Then ask yourself, “where does the pain exist”.

Often there is pain, but the problem lies within a different area of the body.   The body is a shock absorber, pain distributor, and compensation machine. It will absorb the pain by distributing the need to work and will then compensate for the non-working body-part.

Our body’s are a closed system; strictly relying upon itself for a continuum of blood flow and life’s endurances.  Survival techniques to ensure that the closed system is healthy, requires the need to embrace the ageing body’s evolution.

A common pain is tingling in the hand.

The fingers have a tingling, sparking, sometimes numbing sensation; yet the pain is relative to one’s neck. The tingling has nothing to do the fingers, hand, wrist, elbow, or shoulders. The tingling is worrisome, annoying, discomforting, and worst of all, it forces you to refocus your thoughts on the tingling. Your grandmother’s saying of, “if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything” may begin to cross your mind; along with, “how did my body become this way”.

A sudden jarring, an accident, repetitive motion is at the heart of this tingling.

Now that the tingling has a source you must figure out what your options are.

The medical community is of course, familiar with the body and its conditions.  Seek attention, be informed, make decisions to repair your body and to respect your ageing body’s evolution and its future.

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