Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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baby boomers becareful of clogged arteries


Everyone’s nightmare is clogged arteries.  But not everyone realizes how or what clogged arteries are and exactly how their arteries became clogged.  The interest in clogged arteries unfortunately becomes of top priority and concern usually when it is too late, and the clogged arteries are at a potentially dangerous level.

The clogged arteries near your heart makes a heart attack possible.

The clogged arteries near your brain, in your neck makes a stroke possible.

A dangerous level, according to the medical community is 70% percent.  A scan will show the percentage of the clogged artery, and which one.

Imagine for a moment a tube.  Now imagine the tube clogged by 70%.

When you have proper checkups, there are indicators of clogged arteries and the possibility of clogged arteries; such as, blood tests and scans.

High cholesterol and high blood pressure are two great contributors to the problem of clogged arteries; and here’s the simple answer as to why that is. Cholesterol is plaque and if it is not removed from your blood stream, it will stick to your arterial walls, lessening the opening for blood flow.  High blood pressure means that your blood flow is too much for your arterial opening.  So, the more plaque that sticks to your walls, the less room for your blood to flow.

Add to that the possibility of a piece of plaque ‘chipping-off’ from the arterial wall. The plaque could become lodged in an artery and block the blood flow.  If the clogged artery has formed too small of an opening for the blood to flow, the plaque could easily become lodged in that constricted arterial section.  If the blood flow is blocked, heart attack or stroke is imminent.

If you have found out that your arteries are clogged, you have high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, you MUST take action.  Do not watch and wait.  You MUST be proactive in your health.

At this point, keep in mind that if your clogged arteries are at 70% or over , meaning at that “medical” dangerous level, a stent, vascular relaxers, cholesterol inhibitors are recommended and encouraged; along with a massive change in diet.

First things, first, seek the possibility of surgery, as a stent is a common procedure, medicine, and dietary change all at the same time.  After the “scare” of such a dangerous clog has subsided, and your clogged arteries are being watched and tended to , then concentrate on proper medicines, in addition to food as medicine.   Keep in mind “food as medicine” takes about 3 weeks to show any kind of small change.

Knowledge is power.


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