Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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The Car Show Is A Really Great Place To Go.

By: Gary Collier and Aron Neelie

Father’s Day. A Day cherished by all who have given their hearts, time and wisdom. A day when time spent together seems to mean more. A day to be together and share something, anything; preferably a moment of life.

Sometimes, when you aren’t sure what to give, or what to say, it’s better to go someplace. Someplace that makes you both feel relaxed, happy and comfortable. Someplace like a car show!

No matter what type of Father you or your Father are, T-shirt, gear-head, on-line book reader, or suit and tie, a car show has quite a lot to offer.

At a car show everyone seems to be able to appreciate a classic and well-maintained vehicle. It speaks miles about the owner. Some of the engines are so shiny you’d swear they weren’t even driven to the competition.

A car show is very competitive by nature, but the pressure isn’t so great. It’s not a “best time” or “letting down the team” if you don’t place. It’s really about sharing enthusiasm and enjoyment with others. It’s about car talk and car clubs and where to get what done. It’s about new comrades and new information. It’s about newcomers and regulars. But don’t get the competition wrong, it means a great deal to the owners and the viewers.

If the car is lucky and if the judges have similar tastes, the car owner has the opportunity to walk away proudly, with a plaque, ribbon or trophy. Now, that would make anyone’s day, any day.

Car shows are usually about cars that aren’t commonly seen on our freeways. It’s about old cars, chopped cars, cars with engines bigger than they are, perfect bodies and rusted paint. It’s about pride. It’s about cars in every step of restoration; chopped and souped; and old Model T’s and A’s. It’s about viewing the vehicles of our time; where some cars are perfect and some are getting there; some are stock, showroom ready, and some are “date” ready.

All of the cars are graceful objects with their own objectives. And similar to people, certain types of people only like certain types of cars, but at a car show, all cars are appreciated.

The car show is a great place to see how others have “taken care of their things”. There is a lot of pride displayed at these shows. The engines, the chrome, the paint, the care taken. The owners show more than money, they show a sense of accomplishment.

And at these shows, we also admire their commitment to nurturing.

It takes a lot of time and patients and oil changes to really understand that certain purr of a well tuned engine. There’s not a feeling in the world like knowing that something may be wrong because you’ve paid enough attention to know that something is amiss; that it just doesn’t sound as it should.

It takes listening, waiting, more waiting, more money and lots of time until everything seems just right. And then, before you know it, it’s show-time.

Car shows are also very pleasant because they are outside. And there is nothing better than a healthy stroll with your family. The air, thick with pride, is fresh and clear.

People you would never think of talking to seemingly become a friendly face. Conversations flow easily and questions and compliments abound.

It’s a time to have a conversation about things you may not normally bring up. A topic of stripping and then redipping the chrome is a fascinating topic given the right setting and mindset.

A car show is a great place to be one of the crowd; just admiring and meandering. The only set destination is the next car in the next space. And the big rush is when someone’s stomach growls.

There is usually always some type of charity supplying the hamburgers and hot dogs; making them more enjoyable

Somehow, it’s not so objectionable spending the money for all those refreshments when you know the money is going to a good cause.

Just to have the time to relax, and think nice thoughts about nice looking things is reason enough to go. Make it a special occasion such as Father’s Day, and the day is even more exciting and worthwhile.

It is an uncomplicated, enjoyable way to spend the day.

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