Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Fashion.   Fashion for senior citizens and older baby boomers.  Newsflash.  You have your own style already and you know it.  You know what you look good in, feel good in, and want to be in. That is your fashion.

The question becomes, is it flattering on you.  Is the fabric still fresh.  Is your skirt length the right height for your legs and body.  Does your suit fit nicely, without being snug?  How many buttons are on your suit, and what’s the length?

Are you fashion coordinated?  Handbag matches your shoes and watch and other accessories?

Look at this mix and match, yet it has a definite personal statement.  Silk and leather, soft chiffon with soft leather. Eye catching and personal.

The key to the mature fashion is that it is dictated by you, it is all in your personal character which shows in your attitude which is reflected in your clothes.

You can find your particular fashion, the skirt length you like, the fabric you want, the neckline that suits you, the “everything” is still available.  It is still available and hasn’t completely gone out of fashion as we age, we become more basic in our fashion silhouettes, and because senior citizens’ fashions are governed by the individual senior, rather by fashion editors, runway models and advertisements, the decisions are strictly personal, and fashion has as we mature has more to do with our bodies and how  garments hang on us to flatter us.

The clothing companies haven’t realized the unsung market for senior fashion, so fashion is personal, very person, and anything goes!

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