Monday, August 15, 2022

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Facebook is a social network! Senior Citizens Magazine


By: Steve Black

You’ve likely heard the name “Facebook” before, but have you ever wondered exactly what it’s all about?  You’ve probably heard it called a “social network” or “social media”, but what does that mean exactly?  Hi, I’m Corbin, Educational Content Writer at, and I’m here to give you a brief introduction to social media, as well as to Facebook, one of the most popular and functional social media outlets in the world today.

“Social media” is a broad term used to describe computer programs and websites on the Internet that allow lots of people to connect and communicate with each other in different ways, all at the same time.  Basically, social media are platforms upon which people can build virtual neighbourhoods.  However, these “neighbourhoods” often have less to do with where people live (though they still can), and more to do with what they enjoy, are interested in, or think about.  One neighbourhood might be devoted to people cheering for a certain sports team, while another one might be for car enthusiasts.  Another might be full of people working towards some political or social goal.

Facebook is among the leaders of the “social media” world, mainly because it has so many different ways to connect and interact with people.  Want to find some old friends who lived where you did or went to the same school as you did when you were a kid?  Want to talk to someone on the other side of the world about how your lives are different, or maybe about something that you happen to have in common?  Or maybe you just want to keep up with what your children and grandchildren are doing, even if they’re not as close to home as they used to be.  Facebook can help you do all of that!

Simply sign up for Facebook and tell it a little about who you are and where you come from.  Based on things like whom you email frequently, where you live(d), what schools you went to, and what jobs you work(ed) at, Facebook will find people whom you may already know who use Facebook.  Then you can send them a request to connect, and if they accept, they will be your “friend”!  You can also follow the activities of your favourite celebrities and brands, and join groups of people who share your interests, so you can connect with even more people!

Once you’ve connected with your “friends”, you can do lots of different things!  Post a “status update” to let people know what you’re doing, feeling, or thinking about.  Share some vacation pictures, a funny cat video, some golf tips for your pals, an inspirational quote, and more!  You can share something from your own computer, that someone else has posted on Facebook, or that is on another website entirely.  You can also leave a comment on something that one of your “friends” posts to tell them how you feel about it, or “like” it to show your appreciation.  All of your “friends” can do this, too, so you can keep the conversation going!

If you’re the shy type, you can keep what you post private, so that only you and certain other people can see it.  Or, if you like to put yourself out there, customize your profile with details and pictures that express who you are!  You can also organize and join events through Facebook, so you’ll never have to play phone or email tag again to organize a dinner date or a night out at the movies!

There’s much more to discover with Facebook, so if it sounds like something that you’d be interested in, head over to and check out our step-by-step text and video tutorials on how to use it.  We have tutorials for many other websites, so check them out, too!


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