Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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Sydney’s New Year’s Eve and Firework Extravaganza

With December 31st just around the corner, Sydney is one of the world’s most popular destinations to ring in the New Year. With their incredible, globally televised firework displays, if this is a time to cross a city off your bucket wish list, it should be in New South Wales.

Finding a good spot to watch the fireworks is one thing, sourcing accommodation when the city is now booking up fast is something entirely different. We suggest you book your hotel as soon as possible to avoid disappointment or accelerated room prices. Many customers of Sydney based hotels, including Cremorne Point Manor and Glenferrie Lodge book out months in advance. The reason is simple: they have the best viewings of the Sydney Harbour so guests can watch the fireworks from the comfort of these nearby hotels.


Alternatively you can rent a water boat or join a New Year’s cruise, enjoying the Harbour skyline and situated in the absolute center of the evening’s activities. As Australia experiences summer during the December months, you won’t need to bundle up with layers but we do suggest you appreciate the celebrations with a sweater and jacket, in case the temperature does drop.

The pre show entertainment commences at 6.00pm on New Year’s Eve with stunning aerial displays. At the top of the next hour, a tug boat will present water demonstrations in the heart of the Harbour. At 8.30pm, the Bridge transforms into a huge canvas, showing video effects and full size images of a countdown clock, ticking down towardsmidnight. A few minutes later, a sensational ceremony will entertain you, focusing on the tradition of respecting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders. The city releases eucalyptus smoke over the water, representing a cleansing and purification to ward off bad spirits for the forthcoming year.

By 9.00pm, the family friendly fireworks begin so if you’re with little ones, they can celebrate the New Year before bedtime. During the same time, a dual tribute to the Royal Botanic Gardens and Taronga Zoo will take place, celebrating their 200th and 100th (respective) years as two of Australia’s most popular, global attractions.

Around 9.15pm, the Harbour is set to illuminate with 60 ships, adorning white lights as part of the Light Parade. This display is renowned as one of the most incredible viewing events of the night. When the stroke of midnight hits the top of the hour, a 12 minute firework display takes place, aided through seven barges, four sales and at the Opera House & Harbour Bridge.

The city provides additional ground and water transportation through the night, in case you do decide to venture downtown. Nevertheless, we highly suggest you celebrate the New Year at Kirribilli and Cremorne Point, where the crowds are less saturated and the nearby hotels are a few moments walk away. New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate so what better way to do this than in style, comfort and the best eyeball viewing in the city.

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