Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Home Security. Simply installed. Simply activated.

Let’s talk home security let’s talk modern home security. Let’s talk easy security.

app home security

We all want to feel safe, especially in our own home. Watching true crime is one thing, being involved in a crime is nobody’s idea of a good time. 

There are so many gizmos and owners apps, and subscription-based security options which one do you chose? What are your needs for security? Confused about home security? Start here, with this unity and acclimate and discover you real needs.

Personally, I like to go right through my door; no key searching, fumbling, and inserting. And with it being August, I thought you may like to ease into this security world, slowly and succinctly. 

There is a lock, that covers your deadbolt, from the inside of course, and with your mobile device, you can activate it to unlock and lock the door. 

What a great idea! Straight and simple and ease-of-use is brilliant. Just cover your deadbolt and download the app! Or visa-versa. It’s a great introduction to what is available. 

Have kids, not sure if they remembered to lock the door? Plummer coming? Househelp needs access? Already in bed, no need to rise to lock the door, anymore.

It’s a comforting feeling knowing you don’t have to leave the house open for hours for househelp or children.

Once you are comfortable with this simple tech, other home security options become less daunting.

One of the aspects our team liked about this device, besides its easy and immediate installation, is if your power is cut, it still works!

No need to wait and find your keys, no need to have to find that flashlight to find the keyhole, just open your door via the app before you get to the door, so that when you are at the door, you may simply enter!

Ahhhhhh, August knows!

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