Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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The concept of cryptocurrency stemmed from the need and the ability for the power of one to change and dominate a non-existent industry. During the height of the recent financial crash of 2007/08 the need for peer to peer financial payouts became clear. More than paypal as a financial institution, living the peer to peer lifestyle is completely up to the individual.

Crypto currency trades on the market. The ability to buy into a nucleus industry is proven in the bitcoin model; which trades on all markets in all countries. Plagued recently by the hackers yet again absconding with millions upon millions of tradable, digital currency, yet still bringing light to the fact that one may purchase a piece of money like a commodity, yet trading at 3 times the price of ancient gold.

The metamodern is the era of the individual and the end of the corporate-conglommoes running the global world. The peer to peer network of the IoT is still in the beginning stages of complete uptake and overtake, but the ability now lives in every industry; especially in the financial industry. Money is no longer gold or platinum or silver standards, MetaMoney is cryptocurrency, livin P2P because that’s what real digital currency provides. No middle-man conglommo to decide and pressure into their percentages, it’s about peer to peer, and no going back or complaining to anyone.

Ether, cryptocurrency, livin’ in the p2p (peer to peer) world requires a sense of risk, a sense of purpose, and confidence in market and decisions.

Some industries are more prevalent than others, in the digital money space. Some digital money companies have gained more reputation and clearly the bigger stakes to lose are still in the off-color industry of hacking.
Using either currency, you are in charge of your digital wallet. Keep it on a flash drive, not on the cloud or on your pc; think about it, if the hackers don’t have access to it, they are unable to access it. Crypto currency is up to you, stored in your wallet as your bank. Keep in mind that no bank or financial institution exists to complain to, stop a payment, report fraud, etc. It is all up to you as the peer and the owner of your bank; just like a piece of metal or a jewel, it needs to be protected and out of sight of the thieves.

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