Monday, August 15, 2022

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Authoress: Sally Weinraub
Submitted by: The authoress’s grandson!

Senior Citizens Magazine Baby Boomer magazine


Courage is the best defense

It keeps the world at bay

From prying or averted eyes

From the sting of buzzing flies

It stands above the fray

A little courage holds the ground

Rejects the coward’s bed

To just lie down, give up the game

And let the world take all the blame

Seek courage brave instead

Let courage be the game you play

To nourish and to feed

To help it with a kind caress

An outstretched hand sometimes to press

If there should be a need

Gallantry takes many forms

We cannot grasp them all

We can but try until the end

Sometimes to fail, but not to bend

To answer and to heed life’s call

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