Sunday, September 26, 2021

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It’s never too late to be a start-up!

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Once a mom, always a mom, but not always a business woman.  Mompreneur, a term coined for mom’s in business, at any age, and at any stage, mom’s are always, in some way, caring for their children.  For mom’s in business, it’s never too late to be a start-up, while caring for your young and adult children!

Mompreneurs have a spirit, a drive, a need to do something; whether for monetary gain or regaining that youthful spirit, a mompreneur is tireless.

Any business person will tell you that you need to make a profit, but a mompreneur will tell you that you need to be passionate about your business.

Women who start-up, especially mature women, may or not have business experience other than bookkeeping and order-taking, but that wont stop the ideas from coming or the desire to put into action these idea.

These women know precisely who will want their product or service; they are focused and know who they want to reach.

They have taken a passion and turned it into a business.  They have taken their time to come to this place in life and now have an extreme need to dedicate their time to that which is important to them.

If you are a mompreneur, or a want to be mompreneur, there are a few business basics you’ll need to know in order to have a strong foundation.

  • Name of your product or service.  Don’t use someone else’s, find a name that suits you and is recognizable and easily searched.
  • Have a website. Websites are the new business cards.    It’s easy to build a site, if you register your web address with GoDaddy for instance, they have a free website builder.  Or there’s WIX, or Weebley, just google free sites, they even have online shopping carts.
  • Include videos to show your audience/customer how to use your product or service.
  • Minimally, have one social media site. Facebook is very regional, scews for the older demographic, the not-so-educated, lower income, handy, and everyone is familiar with it; Twitter is for professionals, the educated, scews GenX; Instagram is for the youth culture; snapchat is for the youth culture (as we know, the youth culture gains its revenue from us! Lol “Mom, can I have $50.00?”) Linkedin is your business card, it’s relatively stagnant, but houses name and your history, and looked upon as a resume site.
  • Market your product via social media. You may want a professional account for your company, and a different account for your customers/product.

As a mompreneur, be aware that time is money and money is time.  It will take years before you turn a profit, and years to break even.  Be careful how much money you outlay for your business; don’t over-order stock;  have your margins between the price for which you can make it and the price of sale, as wide as possible.

Mompreneurs… a level of spirited business-woman like none other!

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