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By: Kendall Monroe

Food is a business. Period. In today’s world, and all over the world fresh pre-prepped food delivery services are popping up everywhere.  This food delivery service differs from the restaurant delivery services, although there are a few restaurants participating in this specialized and personal food service. Fresh pre-prepped food delivery services have on-line ordering, changing menues and are delivered directly to your door.  They are prepped with the customer in mind and feature a myriad of foods from 1 to feast.  If you have dietary restrictions, this burgeoning industry will accommodate you, and if you have children in college with restrictions or you want to be certain they are eating properly, you can have the order sent to them; in single servings, or a week’s worth.  The fresh pre-prepped food delivery service, is a new-growth business.

Eating properly is more important than ever as we age.  We need nutrition, as we have all of our lives, but at this point, it often becomes the center of our attention because so much has gone wrong due to the years, of our lack of proper nutrition.  Fresh pre-prepped food delivery services have popped up all over the web.  Farm fresh, gourmet, southern, weekly, meal-by-meal, etc. all available to be shipped anywhere and for very reasonable prices.

Some of the services will prepare the entire meal, as a ready-to-heat, like our ol’ school TV dinners!  Others will prepare the food so that you put the ingredients together and then cook the meal.

There are so very many companies from which to choose and some have specials going!  The meal prices range from 6.49 (for breakfast) and up; dinners are usually 8.99 and up.

If you think about the service, by ordering this way, it eliminates the fact that you have to go to the grocers; which ultimately eliminates gas, effort and time.  No driving, no gas.  No effort of meal planning, nor effort and time for going to and walking through the market.  Time is money, so the time to you would spend going to the market, may now be spent anywhere else.   Then there’s the effort and time in putting the groceries away, and then taking them out again and then all of the prep-work and cooking.  When your meals are ready-to-cook, the time saving element is priceless.

There is one caveat, big eaters!  Be certain to watch for the oz sizes to be certain you have enough food.  When you have your freshly pre-prepped food delivered, there are no leftovers on the stove!

Here are some freshly pre-prepped food delivery services we have found.  One thing to note is the fitfuelprep has cold-pressed juices!  A real bonus, in our eyes!  As we are huge fans of “Orchard Flats” cold press juices around Los Angeles.

Another caveat is that although they may say, “healthy” PLEASE READ THE INGREDIENTS and be certain that the cholesterol is as low as possible.  As we know, cholesterol = plaque = clogged arteries.

One more tidbit…some of these companies subscribe to “Groupon”, the discount, coupon, cost-cutting company!









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