Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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By:  Ex Econ Dev Chair

Business for the older entrepreneur, for the older generation is comprised of self-will, knowing what service or product you want to distribute, and insuring you have a customer.

More and more statistics are emerging explaining why the older generation may have to step away from their positions, yet are unable to make parallel moves because of their age, and are having no choice but find some type of self-employment or face a menial position.

One such business that can be regional or international depending upon your business and marketing skills, is ceramics. Kitchen ceramics never go out of style, and can be casual to formal with a simple change of linen.  With the proper understanding of who your target customer is, and knowing which craft show, homeshow, bridal show, and social media platform to utilize.

Kitchen ceramics are as vast as the crafter and artist who designs them; what matters most in fashion kitchenware is the color. What matters most to the designer is the shape and style and what matters most to the businessperson is customer uptake.

Most who enter the arena are not historically qualified to venture into their talents as means of income, but with a little knowledge and a little will, anything is possible, if you are willing to work it; really work it.

As a newcomer, the will and talent for shape may be there, but the design and execution may be intimidating.  How is it really done, how does a professional paint so many, so quickly to be profitable, etc.

For you, our interested kitchen ceramic entrepreneur, here is a video:


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