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By:  Sylvie Reitman

It’s that time of year, for the best baking contest, when fairs abound and true pie-eating contests based-upon the local fruit, becomes the place to be and to be seen. What better way to celebrate the coming of autumn and the fairwell to summer, in our festive minds, than a Baking Contest?! Taking our minds away from all that we had done and focus upon what’s before us and how we can better tantalize our tastebuds.


The best baking contest we found is happening right now!  The prizes are more than a ribbon, and more than local bragging rights. Some of the prizes include a trip to New York and a spot on the Food Network. Please don’t let that intimidate you! We are all equal. We each have a chance. Think of the deliciousness you bake and serve; think of the reactions; think of the requests.

The categories Pillsbury chose are great! Their chosen categories are definitely an aspect that helps them to be the best baking contest.

The contest finale is coming up, September 12, 2018. There’s still time!  Just don’t dally. Take a moment, have a cuppa tea, relax and think. What would you submit to the best baking contest? Honestly. We’ve all been glued to the Food Network and the UK Baking shows, now you may participate.

An aspect of the Food Network which makes it so popular, is that it is host relatable. And every good host tells stories. This contest is no different. You MUST have a story to accompany your recipe. So humanize your food and speak of the story of the dish!

Think about it… what’s your most amazing flour-using dish?

Here are the best baking contest categories.

Contest Entry Period: August 7 – September 12, 2018

  • Cozy Weekend Breakfasts
  • Appetizers for Any Party
  • Winning Weeknight Dinners
  • Sweet + Simple Desserts

According to their contest rules, here’s how to enter, go to August 7, 2018 at 12:00 A.M. CT and September 12, 2018 at 11:59 A.M. CT (“Promotion Period”) and fill out completely the information requested in the online entry form in the English language, including your personal information, your original recipe, and your original story (“Entry”). Entries that do not meet the criteria for both the recipe and story, as described in Section IV, will be disqualified. Entries must be the original content of the entrant. You cannot submit an Entry on someone’s behalf. Acceptance of Entry is not proof that Entry meets the Entry requirements set forth in Section IV. Use of automated processes and devices to submit electronic Entries is not permitted.


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