Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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To become…

Senior Citizens, to become who and do what, after you have already been so many things to so many people.  Become and gain perspective and be the person who you really want to be, the person you really are.

Be true to yourself, your mind, your heart, your talents.

Become and gain perspective who you want to be and don’t let anyone stop you, or undermine your confidence.

Become who you want to be because, this is your life, and it’s coming to new, challenging phases in health, caring, finances and ability to be mobile.

The time is now, to become.

become successful baby boomer

Don’t overdue your goal. If you want to better your lifestyle, begin by ridding yourself of the excess and the unused and the unwanted and the ‘this makes me feel awful’.

If you want to sell a product, sell it, but don’t feel the need to travel the country for sales.  Begin with your local stores and chain stores.  Don’t over-purchase products if you have no buyers.  Don’t over-tax yourself with long hours.  Don’t set unrealistic goals.


Start at the beginning.

Do all that you want and are able to.

One person’s timeframe, isn’t the same for all persons.  Become and gain perspective at your own pace.

What’s important is that you realize you want more, or something and that in order to have that, whatever it is, you must become.

Sometimes, when you know you want to become, you must let-go of something or someone else.  Treat the letting-go, kindly and gently for a smooth transition into becoming.

Live it, breath it, do it, this all helps to become; believe and act in a positive direction.

It’s spring…a great time to ‘become’, for with ‘becoming’, you will experience and achieve and grow and eventually be where you want to be.

Enjoy your becoming, the fun is the process.

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