Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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By:  Rose DuChane


Let the outside in and allow the flow of energy be fluid as you feng shui your home this spring.  Understanding the movement and air flow is key to this type of energy cleansing and flow.

Where and when does the sun shine in your room and rooms.  It is important to keep in mind that energy is like air, it has a fluid motion which shouldn’t be stopped.  Look by your window, open it as imagine the air as a color, now follow the color.  As it makes it way out of the room, or through the room, is the color halted by a chair, bed or couch or other piece of furniture?  If in fact it is, then move the furniture.   Apply this technique to all of your rooms.  You will find that the flow of the energy, mimicking air which is energy will, increase your positive attitude.

When you wipe and clean in anticipation to feng shui your home this spring, keep in mind your cleaners. It’s easier to use a dollar product, but is it better for you? Try boiling limes and lemons in a pot and then leave it overnight, add some vinegar in the morning, pour into a spray bottle and have at it!  All the while knowing that you’re cleaning with all organic material, and that none of it is harmful to your lungs, and if any lands on your flesh, you could lick it if you wanted to!

An important aspect to feng shui your home this spring is to remove the clutter; dust and items.  With all of the winter windows now open, and the sun shining through, the dust is certain to rear its ugly head; sparkle it up, by wiping it up.  Light fixtures to baseboards need to be washed, window sills and doorframes need to be touched up with paint and the sun needs to pass over and glisten atop the cleanliness.  Remove the clutter to allow for the flow of energy and ease of moving through a room.  The clutter will only clutter your mind. When you look around a room, is everything in its place? Everything has a place, even if it’s 100 little figurines, are they grouped with meaning?  Remove any trash or mish-mosh in your room to allow for the open flow of thoughts without barriers.

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