Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Do you know what you need in your website?  We do, we are experts in our field of product, content strategy.

Your website is your calling card, your digital calling card. If you are serious about your business and your success, you’ll need information that makes a difference to your audience/customer.

Your audience/customer wants to like you, they want to like your product or service, so it’s your job to help them.

Let them know what you do, how you do it, how it can benefit them, and how to contact you.  Those are the menu items on your navigation bar. “Services”, “About”, “Benefits”, “Contact”.  If you are selling something have a “Store” page also with inventory and pricing.  Don’t make people guess about your pricing.  Your “Store” page will also have your services pricing, or a round about number so they will understand what’s in store (pun-intended).

As product, content strategists, we know your business is important to you and we want you to know what you need in your website.

Your website doesn’t have to be expensive, as a matter of fact, free, will also get the job done, as long as you know what you need in your website.

Then comes the strategy of your business.  How to gather your clients, how to let they who need you and they who don’t know they need you, know about your service or product. That’s where media comes into play. Your local newspaper, leaflets, radio ads – which are less expensive than you may think, tv ads, and social media, such as, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc., comes into play.

When enlightening your audience/customer, be certain to make it clear what your product or service is and how and why you are necessary to benefit and add value to their lives. Often people do not know how to use, nor how it benefits them, so they are numb to your offer.  Video is a GREAT means of showing your product or service.  For instance, you tell people until you are blue in the face that a video doorbell is a good security measure, but if you showed two hoodlums, by the frontdoor, peering into the window, and then being caught on camera, and then the homeowner talking through the video doorbell and the hoodlums leave… well, it’s easy to see the benefit of safety and home security.

In today’s marketplace, your website doesn’t have to be on Go Daddy.  Depending on your “reach” for customers, it could be a mere facebook page, if your product or service is very local.  If your audience is more than a 30 mile radius, we always suggest a website, with some type of media, of course.

What you need on your website matters.  Just begin, as a website is a living digital calling card, that is conducive to agility and changes.

Now, dream your dream and be productive!


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